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School Parking


Thursday 22nd March 2023


Dear Parents,


I am writing to you to share concerns from some parents and residents about the inconsiderate parking around the school.  In previous newsletters, we have asked you to be mindful of where you park as our school is in a residential area.


It is dangerous for children trying to go home, and in the past we have had a child hurt, but thankfully it was a minor incident.


Please ensure you park in a designated parking space. 

Do not stop on the zig-zag lines or in the middle of the road to drop and collect your children.


I appreciate that it can be very difficult to park near the school, but parking in this manner is putting your children at risk. You could park a couple of streets away, or as we did during Covid, not drive down Dunlin Road at all and park at the top.


We have informed the City Council and they will be sending parking patrol officers to check and issue fines if necessary.


If possible please walk to school or park further away and walk, this will ensure that our children and families are safe.


As always, if you have any question please come to the office.


Thank you for your support.


Ms Gita