Shenton Primary School

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Whilst we endeavour to meet all our children's and parents expectations, there may be times when you feel making a complaint might be your only course of action.

Before deciding, I would encourage you to talk to someone sooner rather than later. Please don't allow a situation to continue if you are unhappy, the sooner we know, the sooner we can try and resolve any concerns. We are proud of our reputation as a school that listens, and that supports children and their families on an individual basis.


Our doors are always 'open' and we will always make time for one of us to talk to you if you have an urgent matter to discuss.

Please follow the steps below, so that we can ensure your child is happy and learning at school. If your complaint or concern is about school policy, a member of staff or Governor, please use our policy to guide you, which is further down the page. 


Step 1: Talk to your class teacher sooner rather than later. If you have any concerns at all, please talk to them at the beginning or end of the day. If your concern is likely to take longer than a minute to discuss, you may need to make an appointment so that we can listen to your concerns carefully. The teacher will then discuss, with you, a suitable way to resolve any issues so that your child is happy, safe and learning.


Step 2: If you feel your issue has not been resolved please make an appointment to see the team leader - Ms Al-Najar (Nursery & Reception), Ms McVeigh (Year 1 & Year 2), Ms Lad (Year 3 & Year 4), Ms Sidat-Motala (Y5 & Y6).


Step 3: If you are still unsatisfied please make an appointment to see the Headteacher (Ms Gita).


Step 4: If your complaint has still not been addressed you can contact the Chair of Governors, Mr Nisar Navsariwala. Please write a letter and place in a sealed envelope, with Mr Hussein's name and give it to Mrs Thakrar or Mrs Mistry in the school office, she will pass the letter or a message on for him to contact you.


The leaflet below explains our policy, and will help to explain the process.