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Helping Your Child


We hope that you will be able to help your child at home as part of our partnership. We know that some families find this difficult, so please ask us for help if you need it. If you think your child has a special educational need and/or disability please come and talk to us.

We set homework for children and give guidance to parents on how you can help your child.

We expect parents to read with their child and help them with learning key facts like spellings. If for any reason this is difficult please let your teacher know. We offer a homework club for children in Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5 & Y6. Priority places are given to children who do not have an English speaking adult to help them at home or other families who for whatever reason are unable to support their child.

Our website has tips and videos that will help you help your child in:

Nursery / Reception


Writing / Spelling



Throughout the school year we hold meetings to explain what your child is learning and how you could help. In the Autumn Term, we hold a Parents Welcome Meeting which gives you a holistic view of what your child will be learning throughout the year. Three times a year we hold formal parents evenings where you are given individual targets for your child that you could help them with. You are always welcome to make an appointment at any time to discuss your child's learning with his/her class teacher.

We also hold meetings during the year to help you find out how you can help with your child in more detail. These take the form of parent workshops, some are single meetings whilst others run over a series of weeks. We offer support on behaviour management and setting routines, healthy eating, dental hygiene, reading, writing, mathematics, how to help your child with tests.

 Below shows a workshop on helping your child with Early Maths ideas:

                                                 Using salt to practise writing numbers.                              Art & counting.                                               Simple board games.