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Help For You


As a school our focus is on ensuring your child feels safe, healthy and happy so that they are able to learn. We can help you understand what your child is learning and how you can help them. Sometimes however, life can change in a way that we don't expect. We may lose our jobs, we may suffer from ill health, we may face divorce or separation. What effects our families will effect our children.

We have the ability to make appointments with the right person to provide advice and guidance to families on financial matters, housing issues, government benefits and dealing with family breakdowns.

All inquiries are dealt with confidentially, please phone the school to make an appointment with one of our trained workers if you need this kind of help. This can include support for you if you are concerned about your child's behaviour or development. Sometimes simple changes can help make big positive differences. There is a lot we can do, so please ask.

If your benefits change please complete this free school meals form. Your child is entitled to free trips, priority access to clubs and will not need to pay for any school activities. Your child will also be entitled to a free meal after the age of 7 years although you will still have a choice. This is also very important for the school, as we receive additional funding to help your child.