Shenton Primary School

Empowering and nurturing young minds to achieve excellence

Shenton School Governors


The Governing Body meets every term as a whole group, to discuss how well the school is doing and ensure the school is running smoothly and effectively. The Governors aim to ensure the children are given the best possible educational opportunities. Many have or have had children in the school, are part of the local community, and are deeply committed to continuing to improve the school. We aim to ensure representation across our Governing Body, that reflects our school community. Governors take a lead in supporting and challenging the Headteacher to continue to make changes that will improve learning outcomes for children.

Governors also meet in smaller committee groups. These are:

Finance, Pay & Personnel

This committee tracks school expenditure and ensures spending matches into priority areas for development. They also ensure that policies related to the terms and conditions of employment are fair and equitably applied.

Health & Safety

This committee ensures the school is physically, a safe place for children, this includes making sure school buildings, equipment etc. meet the appropriate standards. This committee also overseas all safeguarding practises, making sure that any vulnerable children receive appropriate and timely support.

School Improvement

This committee focuses on teaching & learning, this means they analyse school performance data about children's learning, and ensure development plans addresses areas that need updating and/or improving. They then track to ensure plans are followed through effectively.


Governors visit the school regularly, providing reports for the Headteacher. These reports help to make sure that the school is continually challenged to improve.


There is a clear scheme of delegation which provides details of what each committee is responsible for and how the whole Governing Body support and challenge the school.


The role of being a Shenton Governor is very rewarding, many improvements have been seen over the past 5 years. Some of these include the higher levels of respect that the children currently demonstrate towards each other, their passion for learning which can be seen through the much greater range of opportunities we provide, as well as in improved test scores.


 If you would like to speak to any of the school governors or are interested in becoming one, please contact the school office.


Associate Governors include:

School Business Manager and the School Site Agent.  These members of staff provide reports to the Governing Body but do not have any voting rights.

School Governors


Mr Yunus Husssein (Vice-Chair of Governors)

Chair of Finance Committee

Co-opted Governor


Mr Nisar Navsariwala (Chair of Governors)

Co-opted Governor

Education, Governor for Moat Secondary.

Partner is a school employee.


Mrs Zainab Mohammad-Bilal

Co-opted Governor

Chair of H&S Committee

Community Support Volunteer


Mrs Hasina Isat  Co-Opted Governor

Chair of School Improvement Committee

Services Manager

Mr Pradip Upadhyaya  Co-opted Governor

GM Crowncrest Plc

Mrs I. Hussein

Parent Governor

Swimming Teacher


Ms Naz Burgess 

Staff Governor

Staff Member & University Student

Partner is a school employee.


Mr R Khalifa  Co-opted Governor

Deutsche Bank


Mr N. Ibrahim

Parent Governor