Shenton Primary School

Empowering and nurturing young minds to achieve excellence

Our aim is to provide for all our children, a stimulating, relevant and interactive environment in which they can enjoy being creative and purposeful writers, allowing them to confidently develop the skills to communicate clearly with a range of audiences and in different contexts.

We foster a text approach to writing throughout Shenton. The text is used to create meaningful contexts for writing fiction and non-fiction and is used as a stimulus for different forms of writing.


The long term plan below will indicate the books your child will cover this year.

Learning to spell correctly is a key skill for developing competent writers.

At Shenton, children are taught to use a range of spelling strategies to help them spell accurately. 

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Handwriting is an essential skill that plays an important role in written composition.  At Shenton, children are taught to develop a fluent, legible cursive style. 

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