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Check out the reading, phonics and maths sites below to help your child at home.

Reading websites!

On the site above you will find 11 clips of different stories suitable for KS1 children which are animated and read!
Click on ‘classroom ideas’. This gives a list of suggestions for each story or activities that your child can do at home with adult support.

Click on this link to watch a video that explains the different types of fiction. There is also an activity and a fun quiz!

This British Council website's activities allow children to help create their own story by selecting various options that will then appear in the story. This will help them to be engaged in the story because they can spot their own features that they have included. It gives the option to print their story but it can also just be read directly off the screen.

Phonics and sight words

This website helps children to learn phonics. Children can  hear then say the sounds to develop blending and segmenting words as taught in class. 
Note for parents- Please make sure the page on the screen looks like this to access the audio guide to phonics  ---------------->

This website helps children to learn phonics. Children can play various games to develop blending and segmenting words. Children can also read and play games for real and non- sense words.

Note for parents- Please be mindful that games are free to access at the moment. Please read the information on the website.

Sight Word Games!

This website helps children to read and spell Year 1 and 2 common exception words. Your child can practise spelling words independently or with help. The game is designed to move to the next level in order to challenge themselves.

Please make sure you choose the correct age group for your child to access the games. Little Bird Spelling and Spooky Spellings are free to play on this site!

having fun with maths!

So what does your child need to know in KS1?

Years 1 and 2:    forwards 0-100    backwards 100-0

Adding and Subtraction
Year 1:    + or – numbers from 0-20   (0-30 if confident)
Year 2:    + or – numbers from 0-100  
All children can add tens and tens together (20+30     70-20)

Times Tables
Year 1:    2, 5, and 10 times tables. Counting forwards and backwards  
Year 2:    2, 5, 10 and 3 times tables. Counting forwards and backwards

When using these websites below, please remember to choose levels carefully to ensure your child can access the games! 

This site is fantastic for teaching your child maths the same way we teach at Shenton!
Please click Home Learning Live and then choose your child’s year group.

From there, your child can watch videos to learn skills (just like a real teacher)! They can then take part in different games to practise!

Maths APPS!

Vegetable Maths Masters

 Develop maths skills quickly whilst learning how to eat healthily. Make sure your child chooses the right level for them:  5-6 years and 7 years plus.

Maths Telling Time Flashcards

Children can use this app to learn and practise telling the time!  
Year 1: O’ Clock and Half Past 
        Year 2: Quarter Past and Quarter To 

 Maths Number Bonds Year 1, 2

Practise learning to add and subtract to make 10 and 20.