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 Below you will find policies that detail procedures and practises within the school. Important information including daily routines are also summarised in our prospectus

If you have a child with particular needs you may want to look at our 'local offer'. This provides details of the different support arrangements and programmes we offer to support our children's learning and emotional needs. If there are any policies you would like to read but that are not available here, please send us an email or come into the school and we will provide you with a copy.


School Visits & Activities (including Insurance) including Charging for School Activities

School legislation states that schools cannot tell parents they must to pay for a school trip.  Therefore, in order that school trips may take place, the school will ask parents for a voluntary contribution which is an equitable percentage of the total cost.  This may vary, according to the nature and cost of the trip.  The remainder will be paid from school funds. If enough contributions are not collected, trips may have to be cancelled. If your child is not eligible for free school dinners (trips are free for these children), then please come and talk to us as we may be able to help you.

The children are taken on regular educational trips as part of their education.  This provides them with an additional stimulating learning environment, thus widening their experience and increasing their knowledge.  Trips are linked to the learning work covered in classes.

(e.g. Black Country Museum, linked to work on Victorians).

 Parents are not asked to contribute financially to any learning opportunities that take place on the school site.

All children eligible for free school meals are not charged for any additional learning opportunities organised by the school including trips.



Asthma Policy

Attendance Policy                           

Behaviour Policy                         

Charging Policy

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy                  

Complaints Procedure               

E-Safety Policy                           

Equality Policy

Health & Safety Policy      

Home School Agreement              

Homework Policy

Medical Policy

Special Educational Needs Disability Policy