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Standards & Achievements

Shenton Primary School children usually make exceptional progress throughout all stages in our school.

Many children speak English as a new or additional language, and learn English well.

Every year approximately 35% of our children change. Many of those that come to our school are new to Leicester and new to England! Our International community means that we enjoy learning about each other and about different countries around the world.

Results are presented as the proportion of children who meet expected standards, and the progress that children make. Many of our children learn English as an extra Language, this means they start at a much lower level than other children. These children however make exceptional progress across the school. Our higher achieving children have performed well in previous years, the new tests have proved very challenging and we are focussing on supporting these children to reach their potential into the future.

Here you will find a summary of our test results at the end of Reception (five years old), Year 2 (seven year olds) and Year 6 (eleven year olds). We usually achieve results close to National averages by the end of Y6, and children generally make very good progress. This data includes many children who are learning English as an additional language.

The school received a letter from Rt Hon David Laws MP, Minister of State for Schools, in January 2015 praising the school for our continuous improvement, particularly with those children who may be disadvantaged. We are very proud of what we have already achieved together.

In 2016 the children in Y2 and Y6 were given new tests or SATs (Standardised Assessment Tests) that link to the new National Curriculum. The new expectations are higher which has made the tests 'harder' and can not be compared to previous years.

The results at Year 6 in 2016 were close to what we expected in Maths, Writing, and Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling. The results in Reading were lower than we expected. This is a priority area for 2017/17 to ensure our children reach their potential in all subjects.

Below you will find 3 sets of results - one are published results. As a school, we are allowed to discount children who arrive with no English language skills in Year 5 or Year 6, to give a more comparative information for you to consider.

The second set of results are for the children of Shenton who have been at the school since the beginning of Year 3 and have completed all the programmes of study. This will help you to see how well we support the children who have completed the full programmes of study for the test.

The final set of results show how many of our children make expected or better progress than other children Nationally.

This kind of performance information is also available through the Dfe School Performance Tables website - please click here.


KS2 SATs Results 2018

60 children


Standard Met


Standard Not Met

Standard Met at Greater Depth



73% (44)


27% (16)

20% (12)


Writing (Teacher Assessment)

72% (43)


28% (17)

13% (8)



92% (55)


8% (5)

27% (27)



83% (50)


17% (10)

60% (36)


R, W, M combined

68% (41)


32% (19)

5% (3)




Shenton Average


Floor Target

Coasting Criteria






Writing (Teacher Assessment)











Average Scaled Scores:        Reading 103     Mathematics 107