Shenton Primary School

Empowering and nurturing young minds to achieve excellence

Extra Opportunities


We know our children have many different talents and interests. We have developed a wide range of extra opportunities children can access, to develop these talents and interests further. We regularly encourage children to enter competitions, particularly if they show an interest or talent in writing, mathematics or art. We continue to monitor the range of opportunities we provide, and aim to ensure children with strong interests are supported in their love of learning.

Here are some of the additional opportunities we provide for children:

Social Development - Many children are very caring and enjoy supporting others. Children can apply for 'positions' as Lunchtime Buddies. This involves helping other children through break times and lunchtimes. We also have a Student Council for children who like to help on a bigger scale!


Sports - We have a strong Football programme, with children regularly participating in competitions. The children also take part in a wide range of sports and physical activities through out the year, including competitions/performances in the areas of cricket, rubgy, dance and basketball.


Music - All children in school learn to play un-tuned and tuned percussion instruments. In Y3 and Y4 all children have the opportunity to learn to play steel drums. For those who show a strong interest/talent, there is the opportunity to continue to learn by being a part of our steel pan band.


Computing - Children who enjoy learning through computers have the opportunity to apply and become a member of the S.C.S.A. (Shenton Computing Support Agency) to further develop skills in this area.


Art - Our school curriculum explores different media and techniques, so children can develop their knowledge and skills. We enhance this by taking advantage of local and National competitions, to encourage our children beyond the school curriculum. 


Shenton Awards At the end of each academic year, the school aims to celebrate and highlight some of the children's most amazing successes.