Shenton Primary School

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The school has a range of computing equipment which is continually reviewed and upgraded. The children enjoy using this technology to create their own projects.

As a school we believe e-safety is a very important part of this curriculum. Very young children should always be supervised on the internet, and the best way to do this is to make sure your computer is kept in a family room, not in children's bedrooms. Children should also be taught that they should never give personal details over the internet e.g. surnames, school name, where they live. For further advice please click on the links below:

Parent Advice

Principles of e-safety for very young children.

Principles of e-safety for children aged 7+ years old.

Computing Curriculum

The school follows the National Curriculum for computing. It is an exciting approach that aims to develop children's ability to write new programmes as well as how to use them.

There are some programmes that you can use to help your child at home, click here to find them. The children are taught how to use  the school website, and should have passwords for some of the websites. If you have any problems please talk to your class teacher.


S.C.S.A. 'Shenton Computing Support Agency' 

The school has a special group of children who have shown a keen interest in ICT, who are known as the 'Shenton Computing Support Agency' or S.C.S.A. They help other children through out the school and are very proud of the supportive role that they have. You can recognise them in school by their jackets!