Shenton Primary School

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Equality Information

The school takes its responsibilities under The Equality Act 2010 extremely seriously. As part of this, the school has three specific duties:

  • Our first duty is to eliminate discrimination;
  • Our second duty is to advance equality of opportunity; and,
  • Our third duty is to foster good relationships between all our children. 

The school has an equality policy, which is kept under review by the Governing Body.

The school collates information about the impact of this policy. This allows staff to take appropriate action to ensure positive behaviours, and the children's social development, is supported. Please see the PSHE/RHE (Personal, Social and Health Education, Relationships and Health Educations) policy, which explains how we teach the children to recognise discrimination, in all its forms, and learn to respect each other.

Details of our RHE policy can be found here.

Our school is multicultural and serves a diverse community. This policy underpins our school's ethos and expectations. If you require any additional information, or if you have any questions, please come and talk to us.

The site is fully accessible for all including those with disabilities, including children/adults with wheel chairs.