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Flu vaccination


Dear Parents/ Carers,


We recently visited your child’s school and offered the flu vaccination, which helps to protect against the latest strain of the virus.

Do you still wish to get your child vaccinated against flu?

We are able to offer the nasal flu vaccine and the injectable flu vaccine through our community pharmacy partners and our community clinics. Submit a consent form to receive details for next steps.

*  Visit:

* Select Seasonal Flu.

*  You will need to enter a school code.

*  For Shenton Primary School the code is LE120037


The form will be reviewed, and further information will be sent to you.

If you already completed a consent form and your child missed the vaccination on the day, you may have already received an alternative offer. Please make sure to check your Junk emails.

About the vaccines

The nasal flu vaccine offers best protection against flu. It is given as a spray squirted up each nostril. It's quick and painless.

For some children the nasal spray is not suitable for medical reasons. The nasal vaccine contains traces of a highly processed form of porcine gelatine.

The injection is given into the muscle in the upper arm, which may cause soreness. This vaccine is offered as an alternative if the nasal spray is not suitable due to medical reasons.  This vaccine does not contain porcine gelatine.

To find out more about the flu vaccine please, visit:

In the meantime, remember…

Further advice and information

For advice and information on dealing with common health worries for children this winter, please download theParents’ Stay Well Guide for Children Aged 0-9 Years’. The guide covers how to get the right care for illnesses such as fever, head injury, diarrhoea and vomiting and breathing issues.

Remember, if you need medical help but are unsure of what to do, please use NHS 111 online or call 111. Call 999 or go to A&E if there is a threat to life.


Kind regards


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