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MMR Emergency Vax Clinic

Dear Parents,


Vaccinations have helped improve children's health and in some cases nearly eradicate the illness completely across the world, saving many, many, lives.  We have a choice as to whether to give our child vaccinations or not.  If we choose 'not', this increases risks for both the child and anyone else they come into contact with if they do catch the illness.  Measles is high risk for women during pregnancy, children under the age of 5 years and unvaccinated adults over 20 years of age.  If you or your child is unvaccinated, symptoms include:


  • high temperature
  • runny or blocked nose
  • sneezing
  • a cough
  • red sore watery eyes, spots in the mouth  

In the case of measles, this is an air borne illness that is highly contagious.  Within Leicester, the proportion of people unvaccinated is high, increasing the risk to others and it has been identified within the city.  

Please think carefully about whether to have your child vaccinated, as it is recommended that we should.



Thank you

Ms Gita

Head teacher