Shenton Primary School

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Parent Teacher Association    (PTA)

Shenton Primary School has had a Parent-Teacher Association for many years. This shows the continued committment our school community has to developing opportunities for the children and wider community. In recent years the group has organised a number of community events including the Summer Fayre (see the pictures below) and coffee/cake afternoons. These events are used to raise money which has been used to buy the children a new school stage (so that parents can see their child clearly when they perform), supporting exercise classes for parents and supporting charities like 'War Child' that works in countries around the world in conflict.

This group is led by Naz Palejwala, one of our teachers, and has a relaxed and informal feel. Any parent is able to sign up to receive letters about any meetings or events. However, parents are only asked to attend if they have time. So if you have time one week, or over a month, or even over the whole year, please let us know or you could contact one of our current members.We would appreciate your help.