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Shenton's Annual Awards

At the end of each academic year we celebrate the most significant contributions that individual children have made. There are eight awards which are based on Howard Gardener's theories of intelligence.

Gardener tried to identify what intelligence was. Most us think of intelligence as the ability to do well in school exams, but how can top sports atheletes be the best in the world yet not perform so well in reading and writing? Wayne Rooney is an example of an 'intelligent' person but not in the usual way we think. Richard Branson is another example, he is one of the most successful business men in Britain, he owns Virgin media as well as an airline yet he failed his reading exams.

Gardener came up with eight significant areas in which individuals can demonstrate intelligence which our awards are based upon.

Each year the children's acheivements  are recognised through the following eight awards:


Sports Award, Linguistics Award, Mathematics Award, Art, Design & Technology Award, Music Award, Emotional Intelligence Award, Personal Achievement Award, Environmental Award.



Shenton Award Winners

Linguistic – A strength of public speakers, lawyers, writers and poets. It is based on someone’s ability to communicate through language, and someone who makes sense of the world through language.

Logical-Mathematical – A strength of scientists, engineers and mathematicians. This includes the ability to use, appreciate and analyse abstract relationships.

Spatial – A strength of architects, artists, surgeons and pilots. This is the ability to perceive visual information, transform it and recreate visual images from memory.

Interpersonal – A strength of teachers, actors, therapists and political leaders. It is the skill of understanding somebody else’s feeling, attitude and understanding

Musical – A strength of musicians, composers, acoustic engineers etc. It allows people to create, communicate and understand meanings made of sound.

Bodily–Kinaesthetic – A strength of choreographers, rock climbers, skilled sports people etc. This entails using all or part of the body to solve or create.

Intrapersonal – These are individuals that can make positive decisions about themselves because they understand themselves well. They clearly recognise their own feelings and motivations. They can make skilful autobiographers.

Naturalist – These people have skills in classification, sorting and use of natural features/materials around them. It is a useful intelligence for architects, hunters, archeologists and farmers.


Shenton Awards 2019


Sports Award 2019

Mayank Kalpesh


Linguistic Award 2019

Tanush Jaianti


Mathematics Award 2019

Ayman Enver   Hoxsha


Art, D & T Award 2019

Aryan Pravinkumar


Music Award 2019

Mohammed Furkan Sahidahmed Fadra


Emotional Intelligence Award 2019

Nirbhay Vijay


Personal Achievement Award 2019

Mohammed Taha Naeem


Environment Award 2019

Saarah Malik


Shenton Award Winners 2019

Shenton Award Winners 2018


 Shenton Awards 2018

Sports Award 2018

Mahik Kanti


Linguistic Award 2018

Aisha Hassan


Mathematics Award 2018

Krupesh Mavji


Art D&T Award 2018

Rehan Ganesh


Music Award 2018

Krina Hitendra


Emotional Intelligence Award 2018

Zainab Hajari


Personal Acheivement Award 2018

Mohamed Izaan Imrankhan


Environment Award 2018

Devisha Ramesh