Shenton Primary School

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 The children at school learn Music as part of the National Curriculum. All children have the opportunity to play percussion and tuned instruments. All children in Y4 learn to play steel pan drums. For some children who show a great interest or aptitude for music, there is an opportunity to learn to play different musical instruments.

Steel Pan Bands

 Children learn to play steel pans in Year 4. Those who show a keen interest and talent are selected to continue as part of our steel pan band in Y5 and Y6. You may hear them play at school events like the Summer Fayre.

Music Lessons


Pupils in Key Stage 2 have been given the opportunity to learn a musical instrument with a specialist Music teacher.  The pupils work hard and really enjoy themselves, this is what they have to say: 


“Guitar is something you can learn.  You can never lose from

learning to play you just need to try”


“The guitar is easy but sometimes you forget. But


if you practice and try you can become good.  We could be famous!”


“I like playing the keyboard because its fun”


 “Keyboard is a peaceful kind of music and it helps to express yourself, it blows your mind away and puts you in a good mood.  We can be friends playing music.  A very positive activity.”


“Piano makes me feel calm and nice. I enjoy having it at home to practice on.”


“I like playing happy birthday.  I can read music now!" 


 “It’s fun and we enjoy a bit of comedy!”

 “We love playing guitar because it’s so much fun and we learn so much. Swing Low is such a nice song and we enjoy making the chord changes”