Shenton Primary School

Empowering and nurturing young minds to achieve excellence



At Shenton we provide a rich, broad, balanced and relevant curriculum. We believe that if we are to help our children learn to live in modern Britain and prepare for them for their futures in the 21st Century as independent and responsible citizens; we need to provide learning opportunities which enable them to work co-operatively, think creatively and critically and have enquiring minds, whilst ensuring children have a broad factual basis from which to build.

 Underpinning our curriculum are the school values of respect, confidence, collaboration, communication, perseverance and enquiry which the children helped to develop. These support our work in ensuring that our environment and the opportunities we provide at Shenton promote children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and enable it to flourish. Our aim is to develop confident and resilient children who are able to meet the demands of modern society.

The curriculum maps give you an outline of what children learn in different year groups. These however are adapted to meet the individual needs of children, their previous schooling experiences and their knowledge of the English language. Many of our children come to Shenton from all over the world, and this flexibility helps us to provide the learning that they need. At the same time we aim to meet the needs of our children fluent in English through ability grouped lessons. This enables us to ensure every child makes the progress they are capable of with the teaching they need.

Our curriculum is enhanced by a variety of opportunities for the children as their interests and skills develop. Our Sports and Arts programmes offer children, particularly those who are talented, the opportunity to excel in these areas. This covers Sports, Music and Art. We also have strong Science and ICT programmes. Children that show a strong sense of caring are supported in their social and emotional development through opportunities for being appointed as playground buddies or peer mediators/mentors.

If you would like more details or are wondering how to help your child at home, please click here.



From September 2015, all schools will no longer be using levels to assess children's learning. When talking to your child we will be talking to them about their next targets so they know how to improve. These targets will also be shared with you at Parents' Evenings, although you are always welcome to come in and ask your child's teacher what your child's current targets are. This is particularly important if you are using a tutor to give your child additional support. You could also direct any tutors to the school website so that they can see relevant policies on how we teach children, and use similar methods so that your child does not get confused. If in doubt, please come in and talk to us.


At Shenton we will also be reporting to you as parents using the following system. This will help you to identify whether your child is making progress and also where your child is compared with Government expectations for children of a similar age.


We will use the following terms to report to you: Beginning (B),   Working Within (W),    Secure (S)


Each year group has it's own programmes of study, so the above terms will be linked to the year group your child is working on. 

For example if your child is learning at a Year 1 level, you could be told your child:

  • is beginning the Year 1 curriculum = Y1B (Year 1 Beginning)
  • has learned some of the Year 1 curriculum = Y1W (Year 1 Working Within)
  • has nearly learned all of the Year 1 curriculum = Y1S (Year 1 Secure)

This pattern is repeated for all year groups, giving a scale of:

Y1B - Y1W - Y1S       Y2B - Y2W - Y2S       Y3B - Y3W - Y3S       Y4B - Y4W - Y4S       Y5B - Y5W - Y5S       Y6B - Y6W - Y6S


This new system will be explained at parents evenings, and through other parent meetings and newsletters. Please talk to us if you have any questions.