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Swimming message for Year 3


Friday 30th June, 2023



Dear Parents and Carers


Re: Swimming in Year 4

Next year in Year 4 your child will be having swimming lessons every Wednesday afternoon at Spence Street swimming pool. In order to help them prepare for this please take them for swimming lessons over the Summer holidays if you are able to. This will help with their water confidence especially if they have not been swimming before.

Your child will need to wear appropriate swimming wear and a towel. Boys should wear suitably fitting swimming trunks. Girls should wear a suitably fitting swimming costume. Full coverage swimming costumes can be worn. Swimming caps are recommended to cover long hair. Please buy this over the holidays so it is ready at the start of Year 4.

There will be more information about swimming once your child is in Year 4.  In the meantime if you have any questions please see the school office.

Kind regards



Mrs S Lad

Deputy Head