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NEU Strike Action



 I am writing to update you on what Shenton is doing in preparation for the strike action. The NEU is the largest teacher union in the country and so it is with a heavy heart that we have to notify you of the impact it will have on the school. The NEU has posted a document for parents, carers and grandparents that explains their reasons for taking strike action. It can be found at  if you wish to read it.


Whilst the planned action is as a result of a national dispute between the NEU and the Government, and not the school or local authority, it is important that we respond accordingly. As such, the senior leadership team at Shenton, have, and continue to work closely with governors to plan for the days of strike actions. We are looking at the school timetables to ensure we can still manage the safe supervision of students while minimising the impact on learning with reduced staffing levels in place. We have done what we can but closing classes has been unavoidable. Whilst I can inform you about Wednesday 1st February, I will write again regarding the additional strike dates as soon as I know what may be happening, and which classes maybe effected. 

We have a large number of NEU teachers at Shenton. On the 1st February, either due to teachers being members of the NEU or pre-planned events that are being covered by teachers who are members of the NEU, the following classes will be closed.

Closed Classes for Wednesday 1st February 2023

1 Holland       1 Japan       2 Spain       2 Pakistan      3 Poland      4 Brazil      5 Portugal


Whist we have had to close individual classes we will be making provision for 'vulnerable' children and 'key worker' children in these classes. You will have recieved a text message if a place has been made available for your child. If you have not received one please do not bring your child to school as we do not have enough staff to cover them.

 Please contact us if you have any questions, using or phone us on 01162628778


All other classes will remain open as usual - Nursery, Reception, 3 Kenya, 4 Slovakia, 5 France, and all Year 6 classes.