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Year 3 & 4 Science Week 2021

Children at Shenton Primary School are naturally curious. Science will therefore nurture this curiosity and allow them to ask questions and develop the skills they need to answer those questions. Science allows children to explore their world and discover new things. It is an active subject, containing activities such as hands-on experiments.

Science week is an exciting opportunity for your children to carry out new learning about learn about animals (including humans) and the physical environment.

Year 3:

This ‘Light’ unit will teach your children about light, reflections and shadows. They will learn about different sources of light, and that we need light to see. The children will work scientifically and collaboratively to investigate reflective materials, in the context of designing a new book bag. They will work in a hands on way to play a range of mirror games, finding out more about reflective surfaces. Furthermore, they will learn that the sun’s light can be dangerous, and will create an advert for a pair of sunglasses or a sun hat that they have designed. The children will also have a chance to test which objects are opaque in an exciting investigation to design the most effective curtains, and will find out how shadows change when the distance between the object and light source changes. They will develop their scientific enquiry skills, making observations, predictions and conclusions.

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Year 4:

This unit focuses on the digestive system in humans and animals and the functions of teeth. Children will learn more about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores in the context of teeth, digestion and the food chain. In addition, they will extend their understanding of food chains to more complex chains and food webs.