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Support for Working families

Dear Parents,

I am writing with some information for any of you who are working within the fashion/clothing industry, sewing or ironing clothes etc. or in the printing industry (leaflets, letters, posting etc.) with an offer of support.

This support is totally confidential and employers will never be notified of who you are, if you choose to make contact. Confidential also means no-one else will be notified without your consent e.g. if you need help with benefits they will ask your permission to contact the Government welfare system.

They also have or will find people who can speak the same language as you, and will find a time to meet you, when it best suits you.

We know many of you as parents work in these local factories, so please read this letter carefully if you do. Nobody should be working for below the minimum wage, and every hour you work should be paid for. Nobody should be paying anybody to read letters or fill in forms, we can help you, the Highfields Centre can help and you can access family support workers too through local children’s centres; always for free.


Who can help you?

Fashion-workers Advice Bureau Leicester (FAB-L), formerly known as LGWASP (Leicester Garment Workers Advice and Support Project) was created in response to the increased concerns about the garment factory workers in Leicester. They also cover workers in the printing industry.

They are based at the Highfields Centre, 96 Melbourne Road. TEL: 0116 253 1053 Email:



Over the pandemic, over and above the widely reported issues of low/under-payment, poor health & safety work conditions, etc., reports and surveys have come back showing many workers in these local factories did not have basic access to welfare & benefits advice, many are having to pay people to read simple letters and fill out forms. Many have also complained of poor living conditions and overcrowding, with no clear support available to them.


What does FAB-L want to do?

They want to give free advice and support with any issues you have. Remember you will always have the right to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to any support offered. This could include:

  • Workers Rights & Employment Law
  • Health & Safety, & Injuries at Work
  • Benefits Advice & Welfare Advice
  • Form Filling & Letter Writing
  • Housing & Living Conditions
  • Immigration & Legal Advice
  • Financial Hardship Support
  • Courses & Training
  • Domestic Violence & Harassment

Further Information

The FAB-L team will be at Shenton on Wednesday 2nd February with leaflets and cards at 8.40am until 9.15am. You could also make an appointment to meet with them if you wish. They will be on the Shenton site, by the main entrance on Dunlin Road, near the hall.


How can you get support?

You can talk to us at school, we will pass on your number, or you can contact the group through the Highfields Centre directly:

Highfields Centre, 96 Melbourne Road.

TEL: 0116 253 1053 Email:


 Any contact made will be treated confidentially. This group can make sure you are getting any benefits you are entitled to, help you with housing or emergency funding, as well as then making sure you get paid correctly for the work you do in a safe working place. They can also help you manage any debts. Remember, your details will never be passed to your employer or anyone else without your permission, so please make contact if this could help you.


With regards,

Ms Gita