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School Menu change



Dear Parent/Guardian/Carer,


We wanted to write to you to inform you of the short-term measure we are implementing to keep our school food services running smoothly.


During the autumn term we were suffering with very high levels of staff sickness but we managed to maintain good service until Christmas. With the ongoing pandemic and the increase in Omincron cases, this situation worsened after Christmas.  


We have robust contingency plans in place to deal with staff shortages and these plans involve a simplified menu which can be delivered with fewer staff.


While we are experiencing high levels of staff absence, we will be introducing a simplified menu. This will start from Monday 17 January 2022.


A simplified menu will ensure we can continue to support the seamless delivery of good quality, hot, healthy school meals at your school every day.


The decision to limit our advertised menu at this time has not been taken lightly, but we are confident that this temporary action will support our ability to continue to deliver nutritious hot meals.


Our intention is to regularly review the measures and when possible, reinstate the full LTS Catering menu.


The revised menu option we have prepared will still provide choice and value for money as well as continuing to meet the government food standards. The menu has been carefully pulled together to provide for cultural i.e. vegetarian/halal options etc and special dietary requirements.


Throughout the pandemic, parents have remained supportive and understanding – be it through purchasing a theme day school meal, helping us to recruit or sharing our stories on social media. For this, we cannot thank you enough. With a simplified menu now on offer, we ask that you continue to be understanding as we make these necessary adjustments.


A copy of the proposed menu is attached for your information.


Should you have any questions or queries please contact the Area Manager – Elaine Bennett on 07394 567846 or alternatively you can call me directly on 0116 3057313



Yours sincerely,



Jackie Manship

Catering Manager