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Parent Letter Ms Gita 15.10.21

Dear Parents,

Thank you for watching the videos we sent you last week, I hope it gave you a good overview of what your child will be learning and how you can help.

I am writing today with lots of little bits of important information and of course an update on how the school has settled as a whole.


Whole School Update

The children are generally very pleased to be here, enjoying playing with all their friends. They are learning routines again, with our oldest children in Y5 & Y6 already settled.

Through Nursery & Reception, the vast majority of children have settled. There is a higher number of children that are not toilet trained, so if you need help or advice with this please ask. The Government asked us to complete a simple baseline assessment for all the children in Reception, which helps us to know where to start our teaching from. These assessments are not important, as children make fast progress in these classes and we will do our best to get them to the standards expected by the end of the year. Teachers will talk to you during parents evening about how you can help, but you can make an appointment at any time if you are concerned.

We have had 8 positive cases since the beginning of term, which is low. Our H&S procedures remain in place, and I am sure we will all continue to do what we need to, to keep our community safe. This means that, if we have Covid symptoms we must get a PCR test, the symptoms are a high temperature and/or a persistent cough and/or a change in taste/smell. This can be confusing now that there are cold & flu bugs around, but it is better to be cautious. Please don’t send your child to school after giving them Calpol if they have a high temperature, thank you for your support.


Winter Grant & Support

The Government have continued to make grants available for families facing hardship, this may be because a family has faced significant illness or there have been job losses within the home.

If you feel you may be eligible, please contact Mrs Thakrar through the school office, or phone 0116 2628778 or email and we can provide further information. We will ensure confidentiality. There is plenty of time, so please contact us and we will get back to you after half term, alternatively come to the office when school re-opens.


KS2 Decking

Please do not let your children play on the new decking in the junior playground, before or after school. The children should either be going to class or going home with you.

There was an incident this week where there was a dangerous near miss, when unsupervised children were left to play without parental supervision.

Thank you for your support.


Parents Evening – Week Beginning 15th November

We are planning to continue your meetings with teachers through MSTeams for this term. Please make sure you can access your children’s email and MSTeams account.

As homework is set through your child’s email, you should already be familiar with how to do this. If you need any help, please ask. Over the next few weeks teachers will be talking to you if your child is not completing their online homework to check you have access.

The pandemic has shown that those of us with IT skills have been less effected, and that our internet skills including the ability to access and use information is a much bigger factor for future success, which is why we have adopted this policy. Please ask if you need help.


Parent Volunteers for Trips

We know that over the last 18 months, the children have not had the opportunity to get out and about, as they might have done. We are therefore planning a number of school trips, which will be financially subsidised for all children. However, with a reduced staff, we really need your help. With younger children we often need up to 6 adults per class.

So if you:

  • Can speak fluently in English
  • Can show a calm and caring attitude towards the children at all times
  • Can act responsibly at all times putting the children’s needs first, for example ensuring mobile phones are on silent or switched off
  • Understand that you cannot take photos of your own or other children (Safeguarding Policy)
  • Are confident and able to help out in different year group
  • Are able to attend a 10 minute briefing with the teacher before each trip to go over risk assessments, safeguarding and other key information about the trip and the group.


Please get in touch, if you think you could help, you can email, phone 0116 2628778 or better still, come in to the office and talk to us. All of your costs will be paid regarding any entrance fees and transport for any trips.


Staffing Update


3 Kenya has a new teacher Ms Majid, who will be with this class now until the end of the academic year. We are excited to have her as part of the Shenton team, and she will ensure this class are back on track. The changes were due to unavoidable staff illness.

We have also secured some additional funding so will be increasing our support staff team, which means you may see a couple of familiar faces after half term!


Safeguarding ; Squid Game


Many children (older) in school, are talking about Squid Game, which is a TV series on Netflix. It has an age rating of 15, and is basically a game where contestants participate but are killed if they lose. The level of violence is extremely high and it is unsuitable for primary aged children. Please make sure your child is not watching programmes unsuitable for their age, we will contact you if your child mentions anything of concern, in case you were not aware, and so you can take any necessary action.


Importance of Sleep


It is half term so the children are naturally tired, however there are a significant number of children who are tired because they are going to bed too late. The chart below may help you to work out when your child needs to go to bed so that they are ready to learn in the morning. If you have any issues around your child’s behaviour or bedtime routines please get in touch, and we will help you to think through a routine that can work for you, and support on how you can manage your child’s behaviour positively. Please talk to your class teacher to make an appointment if this would be helpful.


And finally…….


A parent has reported that their child is so fond of reading, they have taken to hiding in a cupboard with their book to avoid being asked to do anything else!


Have a lovely half term and we will look forward to seeing you again on Monday 25th October.


With regards,

Ms Gita