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Ms Gita Letter 7.1.21

Dear Parents,


Happy New Year! I hope you have had a relaxing break and are ready for the new term. The children are settling back into class routines, and are playing well with their friends. I know that for some of us, the holidays may have brought more challenges, so please ask if you need anything and we will do what we can to help.

I am writing with some information about school meals next week (some changes), a ‘Move’ challenge / competition, and a Covid update.


School Meals

Due to staffing shortages, there are going to be some changes to the menu next week. Whilst the menu will be more limited, the dishes chosen have been those we know that more children enjoy. Children will have blue and green options only. Please discuss the choices with your child so they know what they want to choose.



Blue Choice

Green Choice


Halal lamb casserole 

BBQ bean wrap


Halal roast chicken 

Jacket potatoes, cheese and beans 


Halal chicken sausage

Vegetable sausage


Macaroni and cheese (veg)

Pizza (veg)


Battered fish

Quorn dippers


‘Choose How You Move’ Pledge & Competition

Today your child will be bringing home a leaflet about encouraging us all to be more active. Specifically it is about walking to/from school as much as possible, rather than using our cars. This will also help to improve safety around the school at pick up /drop off times.

The leaflet also suggests cycling to school, however please note, we do not currently allow this. This is because the children are very young, they do not have the same road awareness, and cycling on pavements is not safe when so many of us are walking to school. Cycling on roads is also unsafe as the traffic is significant at these times. If however, more of us are walking, we may be able to change this, as the area around school will be safer. I will be continuing to monitor safety on Dunlin Road, and am waiting to hear from the council regarding additional safety measures.

On the back of the leaflet is a ‘design a poster’ competition. If your child completes it, please send them in to school and we will then send them to the organisers. We have some great artists in school so I hope you will have a go, and think about how you can make a small change to increase your family’s level of activity.

As a family, you can also make a pledge and potentially win £250.


COVID Update

We are all aware of the rising numbers of cases as was expected with the Omicron variant. Many of you reported that your child had tested positive in the holidays or that you were seeking tests, and have kept your child off until the results have come through. Thank you for that, it has made the start of term safer for all of us.

The Covid symptoms we are looking for remain the same: high temperature (38C+), a new, continuous cough or a change in taste/smell. Whilst we are in a situation of extremely high cases, please be cautious and do not send your child to school if any of the symptoms appear and get them tested.

Please remember you can order test kits and it is a good idea to have some just in case.

This week we have had one reported case in the Nursery. I will continue to keep you updated. All H&S measures remain in place at school, and will be under continual review as we continue to monitor numbers of positive cases.


And finally……

We have been talking about the new year, 2022, and new year resolutions. I asked some of our younger children what their resolutions were, I wonder if you can guess which came from the boys I asked and which came from the girls?!!

Child A: To be a faster runner.

Child B: To sleep more.

Child C: To hug my Mum every day.

Child D: To do more homework.

Child E: To run fast everyday.


Have a lovely weekend, and remember we are here to help so please ask.

With regards,

Ms Gita