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Ms Gita Letter 7.12.21

Dear Parents,

I am writing to give you a Covid update, and some important information.

The children are all learning well in class. Many older children have applied for 'jobs', and are currently being trained as Lunchtime Buddies, Sports Leaders and computing experts as part of our S.C.S.A (Shenton Computing Support Agency). We are also electing our Student Council, so please talk to your children about this if they haven't said anything already. It is lovely to see the children start to have all the learning opportunities they should have in a normal school year again. Classes have been on trips, swimming classes are taking place, steel pan lessons are underway and our Reception children are putting together a performance about the story of Christmas.



Rates through the school have been relatively low so far this term, with no more than one case at a time. For each case, families have done exactly what needed to be done and we have had no known transfer between children.

Thank you for your ongoing support.


New variant

With a new variant, Omicron, scientists have yet to decide how dangerous it might be. The Government has taken precautions by speeding up the vaccination programme, and providing boosters, so please do get your vaccination if you are eligible.



The government have also reintroduced masks in shops and other public places.

In school we have reviewed our Health and Safety procedures. Staff are now wearing masks in corridors and communal areas, and we have reintroduced 2m distancing between staff.

For you as parents, please make sure you are wearing masks if you enter the school building. This includes the main office, class rooms and any parent meetings. If you do not have a mask we will provide one for you. We know which parents are exempt, so if your status has changed please let us know.

We continue to ensure all areas are cleaned regularly, children wash their hands regularly, classrooms are well ventilated (we now have CO2 monitors to help us keep the appropriate balance), and areas like the toilets are also cleaned regularly. Children are taught to ‘Catch It, Kill It, Bin It’ which means sneezing or coughing into tissues which are placed in separate bins.


Other Schools

Some schools across the city have seen high rates of covid, whilst others have seen high rates of other illnesses, for example chicken pox or hand, foot and mouth, which are common childhood diseases.

We know that the children’s immunity levels (like our own) have been lowered since the beginning of the pandemic. Thank you to all of you for being super alert and making sure our school community is as safe as possible. We know there is a cold/flu virus going around at the moment but hopefully this will get our immunity levels back up to where they should be, so we can better fight any future infections that begin to circulate.


Cars on Dunlin Road

A couple of weeks ago, I was informed that a car had been left running in the middle of Dunlin Road whilst a parent went to fetch their child. This resulted in other cars mounting the pavements where children were walking.

I have been liaising with the city council regarding this and what we can do. Please be aware that in the first instance traffic wardens will be visiting at pick up times more regularly. We are also consulting on other measures so that any ‘dangerous’ driving can be identified and drivers held responsible.

Please drive slowly (less than 20mph) down Dunlin Road, or better still, don’t drive down it at all.  If you live locally, please walk if you can. Finally, ensure you park in designated areas.  Thank you for your support.


Aluminium Cans

A member of staff, Mrs Rajyaguru, has been collecting Aluminium cans to support the air ambulance charity which is aiming to buy helicopters for local hospitals including Leicester Infirmary.

Please help us if you can.

All drinks come in aluminium cans. Please collect them, rinse them out and bring them to school in a bag. If you could leave them outside the main office door, on the right hand side by the hall, we will then get them to the charity.

To find out more click this link:


Staffing Update

Mrs Parekh will be leaving us at the end of term to start her maternity leave, and is looking forward to her first baby. We are all very excited for her.

We will inform you as parents of children in R Somalia of your child's new teacher in the next week, although your children may still see Mrs Parekh online!


End of Term

Term ends on Friday 17th December at 3pm.

We will be sending Winter presents home for all the children at the end of term which will all have been left for 72 hrs in line with health & safety procedures.

These presents celebrate and mark our first full term together for some time, and is intended to say ‘well done’ to the children for doing their best through 18 weeks of learning.

School will restart on Wednesday 5th January after a two day Bank Holiday for schools as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.


And finally……

Some older children were talking at lunchtime, and looking at the ingredients in some of their packed lunch food. Very soon a discussion started around whether one particular pack was vegetarian or whether it had gelatine in. Children were adamant on both sides that they were right, finally one child read the list and stated in a loud voice, ‘Well! I’m FLABBERGASTED!’

 It is lovely to see how children's vocabulary develops.


Our doors are open, if you have any questions or concerns, please come in and talk to us.

With regards,

Ms Gita