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Ms Gita Letter 17.12.21


Dear Parents,

I am writing with a Covid update and some school information before we end the term.

To those of us who are celebrating Christmas, we wish you a very happy holiday. I also hope we all get time to spend with family and friends.

The children have worked really hard all term, and it is showing in their recent end of term assessments. It has been a long one, with one of the children telling me in the playground, that they were looking forward to getting up late and playing!


Covid Update

Whilst the rest of the country is seeing a huge rise in cases, at Shenton we continue to have low numbers of positives. This week we had 3 cases, in different classes, 2 families that were unconnected.

Thank you to all of you, for following the guidance and in particular, those households who are testing regularly.

I hope you all manage to get your booster injections sooner rather than later.

If you can, please take tests before you send the children back after the holidays, particularly if you have been mixing with lots of others, so we can continue to keep each other as safe as possible

All activities at school, including parties or when we send work home, continue to be risk assessed, to make sure we all stay as safe as possible. For example allowing 72hrs before sending anything home. If you have any questions about this please ask.


Virtual Sports Competition


A big well done to 5 Portugal who represented Shenton in the Virtual Sports Hall Pentathlon competition.

 Thanks to the efforts of the children, Shenton came a very respectable 2nd place in the Year 5 competition with a special mention for the following children:

 Achieving Gold  Standard          Achieving Silver Standard               Achieving Bronze Standard

Prince                                             Kabir                                                     Deyka

Taylor                                             Lujian                                                    Khadija

                                                       Mahek                                                   M Hussain

                                                       Mu’Adh                                                  Jaimil

                                                                                                                      M Hamzah





 We are now looking forward to a virtual and a live basketball competition in the Spring term and look out for information about a new competition for all the family to enjoy together and gain points for our school.


Aluminium Cans

Please don’t forget to collect any drinks cans for us, if you could rinse them, put them in a bag and bring to school after the holidays, that would be great.

We are sending them to the air ambulance charity that is raising money for a helicopter ambulance for Leicester Royal Infirmary.


School Dinner Change on Return


There is a menu change on Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th when we get back. We will be on Week 1. Wednesday and Thursday have been swapped.


Wednesday 5th Jan                                                    Thursday 6th January

Red and blue- margarita pizza                                 Red Roast Pork with Gravy

Green- roasted pepper pizza                                   Green cheese & baked bean slice

Yellow- humous wrap                                               Blue Roast chicken (Halal) with gravy

All served with pasta side or cous cous                 Yellow – Vegetarian Chilli                                                             


After School Clubs


These will continue next term. Your child will receive a letter over the first 3 days back (5th, 6th, 7th January) telling you if they have a place. Clubs will then start week beginning Monday January 10th.

Remember you will still need to collect your child at 4pm as it is still dark at this time.



And finally…….

Yesterday our Reception children did an amazing performance of the story of Christmas which I hope you all enjoyed. Today, it is really lovely to see the children all dressed in lovely, warm jumpers. Santa has been to visit, which always makes the children excited, and as they have all been amazing, the children will be going home with winter presents today. I asked some of the children whether they had been good all year, they all said yes, and what kind of present they might like if they could have anything. Amongst the answers we had were, ear buds, an iphone, a PlayStation and 5 bunny rabbits in a cage! 


We will see you again on Wednesday 5th January 2022 at 8.40am – 8.55am when school reopens. Have a lovely break whatever you are doing and stay safe.


With regards,

Ms Gita