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Food Parcels



14th December 2020



Dear Parents,


I am writing with an offer of support.


The COVID pandemic has meant that all of us have faced challenges.


Whilst all of us are missing spending time with our family and friends, some of us are facing financial difficulties from either losing our jobs or having a considerably reduced income. This has been no one’s fault, just a consequence of the situation we have been in.


It also seems this situation is likely to continue until May or June. 


Recently a charity group has offered additional food support for any in need. Whilst we know this cannot solve all of our problems, it might help.


All requests will be completely confidential and your details will not be shared with anyone without your permission.


If this could help you or if you would like further information please telephone the office on 0116 2628778 or email


If we have already contacted you, and you are receiving some support, you do not need to get in touch.


Please contact us by Tuesday, 15th December, so that we can ensure we are able to provide your food parcel support before we break up for the holidays.


Yours sincerely



Ms Gita

Head teacher