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7.5.21 Parent Letter Ms Gita

Dear Parents,


I am writing with a couple of messages and an update.


I know many of you are starting preparations for Eid-Ul-Fitr which is due next week. Some staff have been talking about baking, and the younger children are already beginning to talk excitedly too. We wish all of you celebrating, a lovely day with your family and friends. Please stay safe and hopefully we can all look forward to celebrating our special days in more traditional ways, as Covid levels in England continue to fall. Also, please remember the children can have one day to celebrate and should come back to school the day after.


Covid Update

Leicester Covid infection rates are falling, and the news coverage suggests that the vaccination programme is successfully contributing to this. Please get your vaccination if you haven’t already done so by contacting your doctor.

This is all good news, as we are on track for the next changes on 17th May, when we will be able to socialise more than currently.

At school, all restrictions, including wearing of face masks whilst on site, maintaining distancing etc. will remain fully in place for adults. Thank you to every one of you for remembering your face coverings and for not parking down Dunlin Road even if the bollards are not out. This is all helping to keep us all safe.


We are considering joining class ‘bubbles’ into year group ‘bubbles’ for break times after the half term holidays, particularly if we continue to have all classes in school for the remainder of this half term, with no additional positive Covid test outcomes within the community. The children’s social development has suffered as they have not had the opportunity to play with as many different children / personalities as they would normally do. This is important for Y6 as secondary school will be very different, but also for Reception as they move into Year 1. Many schools already have year group bubbles. If you have any thoughts, concerns or questions about this, please let me know.

Compassion & Understanding

I also know, that whilst we can feel safer in England, this isn’t the situation across the world. For all of us with family and friends overseas, this continues to be a very anxious and worrying time. It is more important than ever, that we all continue to show compassion and understanding towards each other when we meet in the street or around school, as we can never know what another person is going through.


No Nuts!! Packed Lunches and food in school

Please be reminded that all packed lunches / snacks should not contain nuts. This is because there are others within the school who may have an extreme allergic reaction including those effected by air borne nut allergies.


Dress Up Day & Year 1 Eid Assembly now Friday 21st May

As we are unsure if Eid may fall on Friday 14th May for some of our families, we will be moving both events to Friday 21st May so that all the children will be there to share their stories and to talk about their special day.

Parents of Year 1, your teachers will let you know what time the assembly will take place and give you a link so that you can watch your child via MSTeams.


Help & Support

If you need help please ask us. We can access support in different ways for different reasons.

If you have lost your job, or had a change in benefits please contact us too. If your child is entitled to free school meals, it doesn’t mean they have to eat school dinners, you can still send a packed lunch or take your children home for dinners. This will always be your choice. What it does mean however, is that you will not need to pay for any trips/swimming etc. for any of your children, so please call us if you if you have any questions or think you may be entitled.

And finally…..

Teacher Q: When was Queen Victoria born?

Child: When she was a baby.


Maths Q: Tom is counting in 5’s from 0 to 50. Will he say the number 45? Explain why.

Child: Yes, it has 45 because wen I cownt I ear me sa it.


Have a lovely weekend,

Ms Gita