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2.7.2021 Ms Gita Letter



Dear Parents,


I am writing to give you a brief update and some important information for next academic year.

Today you should receive a written report from the teachers about your child’s progress and standards. Please make an appointment with the class teacher if there is anything you wish to discuss. You will also receive a note telling you which class your child will be in next year.

This has been a difficult school year for all of us. Some of us have lost family members to Covid, and some of us are still shielding those who cannot be vaccinated. Thank you to all of you who have been following the guidelines, making those sacrifices and for keeping our Shenton community as safe as possible.

Our offer of help will always be there, so please contact us if you need any support over the holidays as soon as possible and we will do what we can. As always we will treat all enquiries confidentially.


Covid Update

We have closed Reception Somalia, 5 France and 6 Italy recently but are hoping to reach the end of term all together.

Whilst restrictions start to ease, please remember that some people cannot have the vaccine due to other medical needs, so please adhere to all our onsite guidelines until the end of term.

This means wearing a mask or face covering when on site, not parking on Dunlin Road and making sure anyone with symptoms is tested and kept away from school.


Covid & the Next Academic Year

For those of you that watch the news, you will know that they are currently debating how schools will run to minimise any further disruption to the children, and also with regard to the covid situation.

Whilst we cannot predict, there are some parts of our routine that will definitely change.

If there are no restrictions, please do not park down Dunlin Road at drop off/pick up times. Over this year we have seen how many children and parents come on to the site at these times, which makes Dunlin Road very busy. There have been car accidents in the past involving children, so please try your best to either walk or park further away.


Academic Year 2021 / 22

Staffing 2021/22

The school has had to make some changes, and unfortunately there will be less support staff in the new year. This means that we have further limits on what we can support, especially at the beginning and end of the day.

Our present Year 5 will be split into 3 classes as they go into Year 6. The smaller class sizes will help us ensure these older children are given every opportunity to catch up before they leave for secondary school.

If your child has special educational needs, support adults will be allocated as usual. All staff will be trained and Ms Gohil will continue to ensure your child receives the support they need. Ms Gohil is always available if you have any questions.

Class teachers:



Ms Al-Najar







Ms Rana


Ms Parekh




Year 1


Ms Aswat


Ms Solanki




Year 2


Mr Burgess


Mr Riley




Year 3


Ms Simpson


Ms Cosgrove




Year 4


Mr Reavley


Ms Burgess




Year 5


Mr Makda


Ms Kara


Ms Riley



Year 6


Ms Patel


Ms Hanif


Ms Abib




We are passing on our congratulations to Ms Bailey, who is going to have her second baby, and to Mr Riley & Ms Mistry who are getting married over the summer. Ms Mistry will be coming back as Ms Riley! We are also welcoming back Ms McVeigh who had a beautiful baby girl.


School Times Back to Normal for New Academic Year 2021/22

Drop Off:

Gates will be open at 8.30am but classes from Reception to Y6 will not open until 8.40am. Please accompany your child and wait in the playground.

Nursery will open at 8.30am.


Pick Up:

Nursery will finish at 11.40am

All other classes will finish at 3pm.


Lunchtimes 2021/22

Reception:                          11.45am -12.45pm

Year 1 & Year 2:                11.30am – 12.30pm

Year 3 & Year 4:                11.30am – 12.30pm

Year 5 & 6:                          12 – 1pm


School Dinners 2021/22

All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 will be eligible for free school meals, this is called Universal Free School Meals. All children across the country in these classes are entitled to free meals.

For children in Years 3,4,5 & 6, the cost of a school meal will be rising to £2.35 per day, £11.75 per week. This is an increase of 5p per day. We will send you a letter explaining the rise.


School Uniform

Over this year, for various reasons, we have not enforced school uniform as strongly as we would normally. From the beginning of the new academic year, please make sure your child is wearing the correct uniform.

We will send you a reminder soon, but please remember:

  • No black jumpers or cardigans/sweat shirts. They should be grey or maroon.
  • Shoes should be black – no markings.
  • Head scarfs – these should be plain grey or maroon.


Shenton Children - Summary

The children have been participating in their sports days (in bubbles) and have competed virtually, against other classes in the school as well as against other schools in our area. Look out for the messages to see which children scored the most points and how we did.

The Shenton Song video went very well, the children look looked amazing and had tried hard to learn some pretty complicated sets of steps. It will take some time to complete the editing, and I am hoping to do this during the first week of the school holidays. I will send you all a message when it is ready! It has brought the school together in a fun way, kept the children active and was a lovely way to celebrate the end of term.

We will continue to send you an update on the ‘Beat The Street’ competition, which finishes on Wednesday 7th July. We can still get ‘double points’ so thank you for continuing to support your child with this.


And finally…….

Thursday was National Joke Day, so at lunchtime when I was helping the Reception children, I talked to the children about their lunch.

If some of them weren’t eating something like their vegetables, I asked, ‘Why aren’t you eating that?’

About 3 children out of 20 said, ‘It tastes funny.’ So I said, ‘Shouldn’t you be laughing then?’

No one seemed to get my joke…..I’ll try again with some older children next week!


Have a lovely weekend,


Ms Gita