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23.6.21 Reception Somalia Class Closure

23rd June 2021


Dear Parents and Carers,


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Reception Somalia


The school has been informed by Public Health England and Leicester City Council that a coronavirus (COVID-19) case has been identified in our school.


Your child has been identified as a contact of this case and should now isolate for 10 days. This member of the school community was last in school on Monday 21st June which means that the isolation period ends on Thursday, 1st July and children can return to school on Friday 2nd July. Isolating means that your child should not leave your own house or garden until their isolation period ends unless they need to get a test.  Getting a test is the only reason that allows them to leave the house.  They should not mix with anyone outside of your household, which includes family members who don’t live with you.  You should not have any visitors to the house during this time. 


As a precautionary measure, Public Health England and Leicester City Council are asking all children and staff who have not had a test for COVID-19 in the last 90 days to take a COVID-19 PCR test.  They should do this on day 7 of their isolation period and there are details on how to do this below.  Day 7 for your child will be Monday 28th June.  Please report the result of this test to the school.


If your child had any test for COVID-19 in the last 90 days then they should not take another test but continue to isolate until and including Thursday 1st July.


Everyone else who has been identified as a contact should have a PCR test on day 7 of their isolation period.  You can do this by:


  • Ordering a kit to be delivered to your home by calling 119 or going online - UK/get-coronavirus-test. Click on the button that says you do not know if you are a key worker and then click on ‘order a home kit’.  This is the preferred way to get a test as your child does not need to leave the house.
  • Taking your child to a PCR test centre. To find your nearest test centre please visit: and click on ‘get a test with symptoms’ (even though you child may not have symptoms) – this will show you a list of the nearest PCR testing sites.   This is the only time your child should leave the house.  They must only go to the test centre, come straight home again to complete their isolation period and wear a face mask all the time when outside of the house.
  • Asking your school for support if you are unable to access test kits any other way.


You will receive test results directly to your house.  If you receive a positive test please inform the school urgently as they may need to ask further students to isolate or be tested.  The isolation period will need to start again from the date of the positive test to stop any further transmission of the virus.  If you receive a negative result your child must continue their isolation until and including Thursday 1st July 2021.


If anyone in your household tests positive and needs help (financial, food or medicine) to self-isolate for 10 days, of if you need to stay off work to look after your child while they are isolating, support is available. Please visit Support for residents (


Thank you very much for your support.  Understanding who might be positive and asking them to isolate is a very good way of reducing the spread of the virus – taking the test is extremely important in controlling this virus.


Vaccination remains a very strong way of protecting people from being hospitalised or becoming seriously ill from COVID-19.  If you haven’t yet been vaccinated please think about getting vaccinated – your GP will be able to give more information on where and how you can get your vaccination.


Your child’s teacher will email instructions and start online lessons from tomorrow.


If there is anything you need please ask.


Kind regards


Ms Gita