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18.6.2021 Ms Gita Parent Letter

Dear Parents,


I am writing with an update, some useful information and dates of upcoming events.



The ‘delta’ variant has caused an increase in the numbers of people testing positive in Leicester, and across the country. However, the number of deaths still remain relatively low.

I know that schools in the area, have already been closing ‘bubbles’ which corresponds to the increased infection rate locally.

At school, we closed our 4 Canada ‘bubble’ on Wednesday and will welcome them back next Tuesday.

The guidance has changed, following the closure of any school bubbles. All of the children in the ‘bubble’ will be required to take a Covid test on day 7 of isolation, and before returning to school. This test must be a PCR and can only be conducted at a test centre.

There are plenty of test sites in the area including the Highfields Centre and Victoria Park, please ask if you are unsure.


Reducing the Spread

As I have said before, all H&S practises will remain in place at school, including the one way system, the requirement that we all wear face masks/coverings at drop off & pick up times, and finally not parking on Dunlin Road.

This is to ensure you as parents can distance yourselves and your children from others. With over 450 children at Shenton, there are a lot of adults coming on to the site. Keeping Dunlin Road free, ensures we can all distance as we arrive and leave the school site.

If you are concerned please remember that after 8.35am and 2.55pm, there are very few numbers of adults on site, this is the best time to come if you are shielding or would prefer to ensure you can distance more safely.

PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE DOWN DUNLIN ROAD, the children are used to walking on the road now and with so many arriving/leaving at the same time, I know you would want to ensure everyone stays safe and to minimise the risk of any accidents.


Return of School IT Gadgets

Please could you return any school IT equipment, tablets or laptops with their chargers, to your child’s class teacher. If you could put them in a bag with your child’s name that would be helpful. Over the summer we will check all the equipment.

If your child’s ‘bubble’ is forced to close in the next few weeks we will return their gadget to them for that period of time.

We will reissue equipment in the Autumn term, based on the likelihood of ‘bubbles’ closing and the Covid situation. We will also consider that some families may need additional IT resources for their children to complete homework, which will continue to be set online.

Please ask if you have any questions about this.


Annual Staff Song Video – ‘Jerusalema’

Every year, the staff usually perform something for the children as a way of saying ‘thank you’ for all their hard work and for generally making our jobs, fun and interesting!

This year we have chosen a song called Jerusalema, we always change the lyrics so our version will be called ‘Leicester City’! The original song has gone viral on some platforms and involves a challenge. All the children across the school will be learning some moves and taking part, it will help to keep them fit, as well as provide a little more fun, to mark the end of the school year.

I will be videoing the classes perform, and putting a compilation video together. The filming will be from a distance and the children will be able to wear face masks/coverings if they wish, so individuals will not be easily recognisable. I will be sending a letter soon, to ask for your permission as to whether you would like your child to participate as part of the video. The children will remain in ‘bubbles’ and all Covid safety measures will remain in place. The video will be published via a private Youtube channel with a link that all parents and staff can access, the same as last year.

The children have been separated into ‘bubbles’ for a long time now, and this will be a lovely way to connect them all as part of the whole school, and celebrate the end of the academic year.


School Packed Lunches

Please be reminded that we are a ‘Healthy School’ so if you are sending your child to school with a packed lunch it needs to be balanced. We have said ‘no’ to chocolate bars/packs of biscuits, fizzy drinks etc. as part of learning about healthy diets, and also please make sure you do not send food that contains nuts. This is to keep any children that have nut allergies as safe as possible. If you have any questions please ask.

Thank you for helping your child with this.


Next Academic Year

We will send you information over the next few weeks regarding next academic year, and your child’s next class.


Dates & Events


Transition; meet your new teacher Friday 2nd July

Reports to Parents Friday 2nd July

Y6 Assemblies – TBC – online via MSTeams

Y6 Awards Ceremony – Thursday 8th July – 2pm

End of Term: Friday 9th July 2021

Reopening: Wednesday 25th August 8.30am


Help & Support

If your circumstances have changed, if you have lost your job or had a change in benefits, or need help with anything else, please come and talk to us. Even if we can’t help you ourselves, we will find someone who can. We will not share any information with anyone else unless you give us permission, and any discussions will be treated confidentially. Phone: 0116 2628778 or Email:


Mental Health

The sunshine always seems to help us to feel a little lighter, which is great. Keeping a positive attitude and strong mental health, however, is a current challenge for all of us, as we move through this phase of the pandemic, and head towards a new ‘normal’.

Recently I read an article, which suggests those of us who like to be very organised and who are always very busy juggling different jobs that need to be done, are struggling a little more than others.

Change is never easy, even when we are at our best. Change is also inevitable, and even more challenging as we move towards this new ‘normal’, as we learn how we can live in this environment whilst still trying to juggle all the jobs we have to do and are being asked to do by others.

It is always important that we continue to be patient, and sympathetic towards each other, taking time to really listen.


‘Everyone we meet is fighting a battle we know nothing about.

Be kind. Always.’

And finally…..

Every Friday we have an assembly and I ask the children questions around the theme. I tell them it is part of my research! This week the question was, 'If you could choose, would you prefer to explore deep oceans in a submarine or explore outer space in a rocket?'


One child in Year 3 raised their hand and said, 'Can I ask you a question?'

I replied, 'Of course.'

Child: 'If you could choose, would you come to school and be excited or stay at home in your boring house?'


Have a good weekend, take care.


Ms Gita