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10.9.21 Ms Gita Letter

Dear Parents,


I am writing to give you an update and some important information.


The children have been delighted to be able to play with all their friends again, and have shown just how well they can do this. It is lovely to see them sharing new games and playing so fairly.

Our younger children in Year 1 and 2, are relearning school basics, for example what assemblies are and how to line up. Our older children are very independent so are learning when the right time is to act, and remembering not to wander when learning in lessons.

Today, as we gave out special mentions, all the children were focussed in class and concentrating in their lessons.


Gate opening 8.40am

All classroom doors are open to children from 8.40am. A significant number of children are being left unsupervised, including some walking to school alone, between 8.30am when the gates open, and 8.40am when classrooms open.

Gates will therefore not open until 8.40am from next week so that we know we will be able to keep all the children supervised and safe, children will be able to go straight to class. This timing has had to change because of the numbers of staff we now have on site, which is lower than last year.

Classroom doors will close at 8.55am, after this your child will need to go to the school office and will be marked late.

Remember, Breakfast Club is open from 8am, your child does not need to eat a breakfast (30p per breakfast per day otherwise free), but can be supervised if you are working parents and would like to drop your child early. Please contact the school office if you would like your child to attend Breakfast Club. 


School Uniform – please label

We are reaching the end of the third week back, and already have collected a large number of sweatshirts, cardigans and other pieces of uniform. I know you may have been looking for them, so we will put any ‘lost property’ in the hall today, please have a look at 3pm if your child is missing anything.

Please, please label all your children’s belongings with a permanent marker or name tag. This includes, sweatshirts, cardigans, shirts, t-shirt tops, skirts, trousers, book bags, plimsolls and PE bags. We can then help your child find everything, and make sure they bring it all home too.

If your child is not in the correct school uniform/colours we will contact you.

Thank you for your help with this.


Term Dates

 The Queen is celebrating her Platinum Jubilee this year, she has been Queen for 70 years, and is now the longest reigning monarch this country has ever had. As part of this everyone was given an extra Bank Holiday, for Shenton this will be Tuesday 4th January 2022, so after the Christmas break school will reopen on Wednesday 5th January 2022.


Covid Update

We have had 3 confirmed cases since the beginning of term, but there has been no transfer as far as we can tell. We have sent letters to you if your child was a ‘close contact’, and so far all of those children have tested negative. I will continue to keep you updated, as I know some of you are still concerned.


And finally…..

Historically, France and England have had a difficult relationship and in 1087, William I died, the winner of the Battle of Hastings in 1066. We talked about this in assembly and I asked some of the children whether they would prefer a holiday in France or a holiday in England.

One child said, ‘France, because the weather is better.’

We still have 11 official days of summer left (!) and I’m sure we’re all hoping for more sunshine. If the weather does get hot & sunny again, remember to send your children with hats and long sleeves.


With regards,

Ms Gita