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Re-Opening Autumn 2020

Dear Parents,


I am writing to you about plans to reopen for the new term. Please read this letter and information carefully. Please share this information with all the adults in your household.

We will phone you next week to make sure you understand the plan and what is expected.

This will help you and your child to stay as safe as possible.


Current Situation

The Government is expecting all primary schools to open for all children from Tuesday 1st September 2020. The Government expects all children to attend. Some of you are ready to send your children back, some of you have some concerns and some of you are very anxious.

We have reviewed our site, policies and practises to make Shenton as safe as possible for your child and your family. The following principles have been applied:

  • No adult or child will be permitted entry to the school site if they have any COVID-19 symptoms and/or have been told to follow Government isolation guidelines.
  • Adults/children should only enter the site for essential school business.
  • All adults maintaining 2m distancing on site at all times.
  • Class groups of children maintaining strict distancing from any children in other
  • Regular handwashing routines, separating class equipment, and giving your child their own work space as far as possible.
  • Increased cleaning schedules.
  • Minimising the number of adults each class of children interact with.
  • Maintaining the highest possible quality of education for children on site and those in isolation as requested by either the school, NHS, Government or Public Health England.


We have completed risk assessments which can be found here if you would like to know more about how we will keep as safe as possible.

Site not teaching RA September 2020.docx

Site with Teaching RA September 2020.docx

General Teaching RA September 2020.docx


Below you will find details about:

  • Site Safety Rules
  • The school day
  • School uniform and PPE masks
  • Other general information – clubs etc.

Site Safety Rules:

Please allow for plenty of time, it will take much longer  to collect / drop your children as we get used to the new one way systems around school.

Please also, do not stop to chat on site, and ensure you stay 2m away from all other parents and staff at all times. Keep your children close to you until school staff have taken responsibility for your child.

If you wish to speak to a teacher or other member of staff please make an appointment so we can ensure we can meet safely. You can phone/email the school or talk to staff in the office to arrange a time.

Visiting adults should wear face masks on site at all times.

Starting School Drop Off:

Entry through Dunlin Road gate only, there will be restricted car access so please park away from the school and walk.

Drop off Y1 to Y6:     8.40am – 9.05am

Only one parent per family with children in Y1 or Y2 will be allowed on site.

One parent per family will need to drop any Y3, Y4, Y5 or Y6 children at the school gate but parents will not be permitted on site at this time.

Reception & Nursery children will begin week beginning Monday 7th September, we will phone you with a start date, time and further details.

What does your child need to bring?

Make sure your child is wearing clean clothes. If you do not have enough school uniform to allow your child to change regularly during the week please tell us when we phone you.

Water bottle, tissues.

We will provide your child with all other equipment.

Face Masks

Young children will not be expected to wear face masks in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 or Year 2.

If your child is in Y3, Y4, Y5 or Y6 they will be allowed face masks if you wish to send them. Teachers however will not insist they are worn, if your child is uncomfortable or takes it off we will allow them to do so. Transparent face masks are preferred so children can still communicate effectively. If the face masks interferes with communication we will ask children to remove them.

Staff will have the option to wear transparent face shields in any circumstances where 2m distancing cannot be maintained for the safety of all children.

The School Day

On entry to class all children will wash their hands for 20 seconds. This will be repeated after break times, before lunch, and at the end of the school day before they go home.

We will teach your child to ‘Catch it, Kill it, Bin it’ which means to use tissues for any sneezes or coughs and these tissues are then placed in separate bins. Children are then taught to wash their hands.

From Y2 to Y6, children will be sat in set places in class. Children will be given their own pens, pencils etc. that they use regularly and any shared equipment will be cleaned regularly.

Every class of children will be kept separate from all other classes of children throughout the day. They will have their own class playtimes and lunchtimes.

Dinner Time

School dinners will be provided if you would like your child to have one and can be booked as normal. The same applies to school milk.

Children can bring packed lunches or go home for dinner. If children go home they must be collected and dropped back by an adult.

Y1, Y2, Y5 and Y6 : 11.30am -12.30pm

Y3 and Y4: 12 – 1pm

Reception: 11.45am – 12.45pm

Home Time

Only one parent from each family should collect the children. All children must be collected including those in Y5 and Y6 until further notice.

We will help you follow the one way system.

Please allow for plenty of time to collect your children and be patient.

Children can be collected anytime between 2.45pm and 3pm

Teaching & Learning

We will be teaching the breadth of the school curriculum whilst also helping your child to catch up. From the beginning of term we will only provide education on site, or virtual teaching for any children who have been told to isolate.



Please make sure you have your Shenton email addresses working for any virtual teaching. These will be unblocked from Tuesday 1st September.

Reading – we will issue you with access codes to an online library which we will expect your child to choose books for reading at home. Your child will not need their reading folders until further notice.

Homework – all homework will continue to be online to ensure every child has access and the equipment they need should we need to teach online again. These IT skills will also be of benefit to your child’s general education into the future.

We will not provide any home teaching for families who are choosing not to send their children to school. This is simply because we do not have the resources and time to do so.


Breakfast Club & After School Clubs

After school clubs will not run until further notice. Children must be collected by 3pm.

We can still safely open the Breakfast Club but numbers will be limited to ensure 2m distancing between family groups. Priority will be given to working families and those entitled to free school meals. If you would like to book a place please let us know when we phone you.


What if I don’t feel it is safe enough to send my child to school?

We realise that some of you are still concerned particularly given our local lockdown situation. If you are not ready on the 1st September, remember that every 2 weeks that there are no positive test outcomes, the situation could be assessed as much safer, as this is the incubation period for the virus.

Any families that have not sent their children on the 1st September, will be asked to wait until the 14th September, when you can be further reassured that the situation is safer than you may have thought. We will phone you to stay in touch and discuss any concerns with you.

By the 28th September, with no positive cases we would expect all of you to feel that it is safe enough to send your children to school and will discuss this with you if your child is still not back.


What if a child or teacher has COVID-19 symptoms?

No one should come on site if they have any COVID-19 symptoms which includes:

  • High temperature (do not give your child Calpol and send them to school)
  • New persistent cough
  • Change in sense of taste/smell


If a child or adult has suspected COVID-19, they will be sent home to be tested and the environment in which they have been in will be thoroughly cleaned.


The child or adult will be sent to be tested, and if the outcome is negative the adult/child will be able to return to school if they are fit enough.


If the child/adult tests positive, we will close the class and each child will be sent home to isolate for 14 days.

The teachers will contact your child through MSTeams and we will continue to teach your child online.


The rest of your family can continue as normal unless your isolating child develops symptoms or tests positive in which case your whole family will then need to isolate.


Public Health England will be advised of any positive test outcomes and will advise us on any additional measures we need to take if required.


Additional Information

You may find this useful, the City Council has put some useful information together about reopening schools:


As I said at the beginning of this letter, please read the information carefully and share with the adults in your home. It would also be helpful to share with your child so they know what they might expect when they come back to school.


We will phone you next week to hear your thoughts and answer any questions.


In the meantime, stay safe and take care.

Ms Gita