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Ms Gita Letter 8.10.2020

Dear Parents,


I hope you are safe and well.


I am writing to give you an update as well as let you know about any support we can offer. This letter includes information about the current situation, what we can all do to help stay safe and some information about gadgets and IT.



This week all classes have been in school. We welcomed back 4Slovakia and the Nursery, with 3Poland coming back last week.

All children and families are well, with no further cases and it is lovely to have everyone back in school.


We were waiting for 4 test results this week that have all come back negative. For us at Shenton, this means the risk is lowering for us and our community, but we will only continue to be safe if we all follow safety measures.


This week also, with the risk of infection lowering in Leicester, our most vulnerable (for health reasons) children also came back to school. It has been lovely to welcome them back too.


The link below allows you to put a postcode in to see whether infection rates are rising or falling within our local communities. It is a better picture in Leicester than it is in some other areas across England.


How do we keep each other safe?

  • We must not mix with anyone who doesn’t live with us.
  • Only if we live alone can we join in to someone else’s house, and then only mix with them.


We cannot meet anyone in our gardens.


We cannot share cars with anyone who doesn’t live in our house.


No more than 6 people can go to a wedding or funeral.


We should not travel anywhere unless for food or work – so no visits to wider family e.g. Bradford.


We are all as safe as each other. If any of us are not following Government guidance it increases the risk not only for our households, but in turn all those around us including at school.


I have been told that some parents are meeting outside the school gates without observing the 2m distancing measures. Please do not do this. Remember you are risking us all.

Swap phone numbers with your friends, use video calling. WhatsApp, facebook, Zoom, even your child’s MSTeams account will enable you to communicate safely. Please use them.

I know we miss the social life we had, talking to friends and others outside of our homes, but we must follow the guidance.

We are hearing more and more about rising numbers of infections across the country. It is important to remember that some parts of the country have very low rates. In Leicester, we have had additional restrictions in place for some time, if we continue to stay home and get tested if we have any symptoms, we will keep each other safe.


Do not park on the pavements please. I will be out to monitor the situation as some parents/children that walk home that way are finding it difficult to maintain distancing.


The school gates open at 2.45pm for home time but by 2.55pm the site is nearly empty. As I said before, you are not late if you collect your child at this time, and the site will be much safer for you. So please wait, your child won’t mind, and neither will we.



The school has purchased 240 additional gadgets, mainly tablets but also 25 laptops that we will be organising for you to borrow if you do not have a gadget for your child to complete their homework.


I will be sending an agreement form and application form before the end of next week for you to complete over half term and return to us if you would like to borrow one for your child.


There are not enough for every child in school and we will prioritise Y6, then Y5 etc. until we reach Y2. You must have internet access. If this is through a mobile phone, you should check you have an unlimited data package otherwise you may face unexpected bills.


If your child already has a laptop or tablet that works well, or if you have the money to buy one yourself, please do so. This means those families most in need can be prioritised.


If you decide to borrow a school device, please note that if an agreement must be signed, which includes that you as parents may be liable for the full cost of replacement if it is deliberately misused or deliberately broken. The full cost of a replacement is £165.



If you have any technical issues with your gadgets at home, please make an appointment to see us and we will do what we can to help. Email or phone 0116 2628778 to make an appointment.



Parents Evenings will be arranged for Tuesday 10th November (3.15-6.00pm) and Thursday 12th November (3.15-5.00pm). We will be conducting these through your child’s MSTeams account so please make sure you know how these work!



It had just started raining before playtime so a child said:

‘It’s only drizzling miss! It’s only drizzling miss! It’s only drizzling miss! It’s only drizzling miss! It’s only drizzling miss!’

Teacher: ‘You said that five times!’

Child: ‘No I didn’t, I don't do that anymore, I’ve had my eyes tested.’


In the dinner hall some water was spilled by an adult….

Child: ‘Oh s***!’

Teacher: ‘What did you say?’

Child: ‘Oh dear!’


Have a safe and warm weekend. Remember just phone us if you need anything and we will try our best to help.


Ms Gita