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8.1.2021 Ms Gita Parent letter





Dear Parents,


I am writing at the end of what can only be described as a difficult week for all of us. This lockdown is going to put additional pressures on us as families, and I know we have all been adjusting as best as we can.


Before I write about what’s been happening at school this week, and online learning, I would like to remind you of offers of help, including some new ones.


Financial Concerns

If you have a reduced income, or have lost your job and need help accessing benefits, please ring us and we will put you in touch with someone who can help.

Also a reminder that if additional food parcels would help you, please do get in touch if you haven’t already.

As always call us on 0116 2628778 or email us on

All enquiries will be treated as confidential, and your details will not be passed to anyone else without your permission.


Internet Access

If you are using mobile phone data to support your child’s home learning we may be able to get you top-up data until the end of July 2021. If you have a phone on one of these networks and DO NOT HAVE BROADBAND please phone us, and we will apply on your behalf.

We will need details about your phone, and the bill payer. Again, details will only be passed on with your consent. Your details will go to the city council and then the request made to your phone provider. It will then be up to them to make the final decision.

Networks included:

  • Three
  • Smarty
  • Virgin Mobile
  • EE
  • Tesco Mobile
  • Sky Mobile
  • O2


If you do not have any internet access at all, please ring us.

0116 2628778 we may be able to apply for access on your behalf.


Other Help

These times can be very challenging if we suffer from mental health problems, or if we are living in a home which, for whatever reason, may not feel safe.

At the end of this letter, I have added some helpline numbers, which you may find useful. If you are suffering, please call us if you are unsure where to get help, and we will make sure you do.


Online Learning

Firstly, thank you to all of you for your patience, and I’m including staff in this statement, as we have all very quickly had to come to terms with lessons on line.

We are seeing over 90% regular attendance on average so far, with some classes reaching nearly 100%.


We know that the lessons are running more smoothly each day, as we all get used to this way of working.

We are making changes as we find out what is working well, and where we might be able to improve.


Year 1 children who have not had any class closures and have not worked online before have found this week very challenging. Due to their age, their concentration can waver, so we will be redesigning their timetable this afternoon to ensure the teaching we provide will help your child to learn in the most effective way possible.


We also know we want to improve our communication with you, so that you can easily identify when your child needs to be on line.

We will make breaks and lunchtimes the same for all children by the end of next week so you can have family breaks together. I’m sure this will make life a little less confusing for us all.

It is helpful having our Critical Worker Group of children in school as we can see some of the challenges you are facing as parents. If you have any other suggestions please let us know.

By now I am sure you are getting into the swing, but if you could please make sure your child has a pencil, ruler and paper ready for their lessons.


We are hoping to share some resources that your child may need for learning at home over the next few weeks.


Online Absences

From Monday 11th January, we will treat any online absences the same as we would have done if school was open. Please phone the school or message your teacher if your child is ill.

If you need help please ask.

If there is no valid reason for your child not being on line e.g. they are asleep (!), it will be marked as an unauthorised absence.


Shenton Online School

From next week, we will continue some of our usual prize and sticker award announcements, which I will then communicate with you via a weekly update letter.

We will let you know which classes have won the weekly Attendance Trophy, so you might want to ask your child who Cool Cat is. We also give weekly ‘Special Mentions’ in each class for children that have either managed to learn something challenging, or who have done something very kind for someone else.

This will help the children and all of us, to feel connected and as part of our whole school community.


This week at Shenton……..

We’ve noticed that children are shouting at the computer/tablet screens, thinking this will help their teacher hear them better….even when they are on mute!

One teacher working from home, suddenly had to interrupt their teaching as a bird had flown through the window!


And finally…..

Our office will be open every day, so please phone or email if you have any suggestions, ideas, questions, and particularly, if you think we can help you.

With rising infection rates, please take care.


Ms Gita