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5.2.21 Ms Gita Parent Letter

Dear Parents,


I hope you are safe and well, every week, I will continue to stay in touch. Please find below some updates and messages.


Next week, from Monday we will continue online teaching until Friday 12th February, then the week beginning 15th February is half term so there will be no lessons. We will re-start lessons again at 9am on Monday 22nd February.


Covid19 Update

The number of positive cases have been decreasing recently, with levels across the city back to where they were in November. This is positive news as it is more likely that we will open on 8th March, however we will still have to wait for the Government to decide. The number of cases that I am aware of within our school community are also relatively low at the moment.

Other positive news is that 10 million of us have now been vaccinated out of our population of approximately 64 million. In the news, reporters were also saying that there is now growing evidence that the vaccines also stop transmission of the virus.

What do you think?

As an optimist, I’m hoping life will be near normal by the middle of summer….


Support for You

Firstly, I honestly believe that you all deserve a ‘Home School Hero’ Award for everything you are doing to help your child and us. Online learning (or teaching) isn’t easy, as we can’t see and hear your child as well as we would in the classroom.

We know you are doing your best, but please, please remember not to tell your child the answer when a teacher asks a question!


Thank you again to all of you, for everything you have done so far, and enjoy the lack of screen time over the half term break.


The situation currently is still difficult, and I want to remind you all, of our offer to help if we can. Many of us have lost jobs, or cannot work because of the lockdown, so please do not suffer in silence. If you are struggling financially, send me an email, , every request will be treated confidentially and we will do what we can to help.


Support for Shenton – Governor Vacancy

We have a dedicated group of Governors supporting the school, however we currently have a vacancy.

The role is voluntary, and there are approximately 6-8 meetings each year that usually happen in the evenings. To be a Governor, we are looking for someone with experience of working at a supervisory or management level, and who has good communication skills. Our current Governors come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and as you know many are parents of children at the school or that have had children in the school in the past. We talk about the ‘big’ decisions, and how we can provide better opportunities, resources or support for our school community.

If this sounds like you, please get in touch, as we need your help, and if you could email me before the end of the half term break, I will get back to you.


On Line Teaching & Absences

If your child is sick……..

Please message your child’s class teacher through MSTeams if your child is going to be absent or phone the school and we will message them for you. If your child is sick they should not attend online lessons. This will help us stop wondering where your child is, stop ringing them on MSTeams and will also help us all to communicate more easily so we don’t phone you unnecessarily. Thank you for your help with this.


Attendance This Week

Congratulations 5 Portugal! 100% this week.

Well done to all of you that have made every lesson this week too.

Group name


Group name






1 Holland


4 Brazil


1 Japan


4 Canada


2 Pakistan


4 Slovakia


2 Spain


5 France


3 Kenya


5 Portugal


3 Poland


6 Italy







Book Swap

Just a reminder that we would like you to bring your child’s work book in on Monday and to swap it. Teachers will have looked at your child’s work from last week. There will have been 72 hrs minimum between teachers marking and you collecting your child’s book any risks are limited.

Thank you for marking any work with an ‘H’ if you have helped your child.

If you are emailing work in, please continue to do this.

If there is any other equipment you need please contact us 0116 2628778 or email and we will make sure your child has what they need.


Special Mentions Week Ending 5.2.2021

Please click here


In Summary….

The week has gone smoothly, and we will continue to adapt on line learning as we continue to make it as effective as possible. I know home schooling can be very challenging, especially if you have more than one child, and if you’re feeling a little exhausted by it all, remember it’s because you’ve now completed 5 weeks!

I hope you will take the time to give yourselves a reward too for all your hard work. Personally, after all these years, I still find that a bar of chocolate will still do the trick. The size of the bar obviously depends on what kind of week it’s been.

And finally……

During an online lesson, a hand kept appearing from the left of the screen. On closer inspection this hand was putting food into the child’s mouth.........mmmmmm……….maybe late up that morning??


In another class, some parents were proving to be very quick with their maths, faster than their own child (!)…….but not as fast as some of the other children!  I’m wondering whether I should set up a parents maths challenge class…………..what do you think.


Remember we are here if you need anything, have any questions or concerns. Either phone 0116 2628778 or email or contact us through MSTeams.

Stay safe.

Ms Gita