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Dear Parents,


Those of you watching the news will have seen that we are now entering a second full national lockdown. This means schools will close again, just like we did back in March.


Key Workers

Please bring your children to school as normal tomorrow. They will be in a group bubble, but will still complete their online lessons, see their teacher and talk to their class mates.


Vulnerable Children

We will contact you tomorrow about how we can support you. Please do not bring your child to school tomorrow as we will need time to organise the correct provision.


Online Lessons

3 Poland, 6 Australia and 6 Italy lessons will begin online tomorrow. Please make sure your child has checked their email and are ready to go.


All other classes will begin teaching from 9am on Wednesday 6th January.



We will continue to stay in touch with you, but if you need any help at all please contact us.


Every child will be expected to be online every day, registers will be taken, so please make sure your children are ready. If you have any IT problems please call us 0116 2628778 or email


I will write to you as soon as I have further details. Please call if you have any questions or suggestions.


In the meantime, please stay as safe as you can, and together we will make sure your child continues to learn.


With regards,

Ms Gita




4.1.2021 Ms Gita Parent letter

Dear Parents,


I am writing to inform you about how we intend to open tomorrow.


As I said in my last letter, there has been growing concern about the higher levels of rates of infection and the new strain of Covid-19.


Key Worker Children

We have a space for your child even if your child’s class is not open.

We will provide IT access to their lessons whilst they are in school, so they will still see their teacher.


Free School Meals / Food Packages

We will continue to support you with this, and will be in touch with you. If we have not contacted you about support of this kind, and you feel it would help you, please contact us. Email: or phone 0116 2628778.


Classes Remaining Open

Reception – Somalia & Denmark

Year 1 – 1 Holland and 1 Japan.

Year 2 – 2 Spain & 2 Pakistan

Year 3 – 3 Kenya

Year 4 – 4 Slovakia, 4 Brazil, 4 Canada

Year 5 – 5 France & 5 Portugal


Classes Closed – Please make sure your child is dressed and ready for online lessons every day.

Nursery – you will receive an email tomorrow through your child’s MSTeams account regarding home learning.

Year 3 – 3 Poland – you will receive an email today and lessons will begin tomorrow.

Year 6 – 6 Italy & 6 Australia - – you will receive an email today and lessons will begin tomorrow.

In summary…

We have done our best with the staff that we have available, and will be doing everything we can to make sure your child’s learning continues. We have had to prioritise some classes over others.


For 1 Holland and R Denmark, whilst the class teacher will be at home, the teacher will remote through the computers to teach your child, whilst other staff will support your child in the classroom.


We know that safety is our first concern, so please help us by making sure you follow national guidelines.


Please do not send your child to school, or come onto the site if you feel there would be any COVID-19 risk to anyone else.  This means that if you have been mixing with other households or in particular have been around London or the south of England, please make sure you allow 10 days from that time to ensure you are symptom free before sending your child to school.


Please also make remember the isolation rules. If someone in your household has developed symptoms you must all stay home until any test results come back, and then continue to follow the isolation guidance. We expect the same from staff, so that together we can make the school as safe as possible.


Remember you still have a choice about sending your child to school, but unfortunately we will expect your child to be in ‘online’ lessons every day if you choose this option. Please make sure you keep your daily school routines in place so that your child is up and ready on time.


Thank you for your continued support. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

With regards,

Ms Gita