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3.1.2021 Ms Gita Parent letter

Dear Parents,


I hope that you are having a safe holiday and managing to stay connected with family and friends.


I am writing to give you an important update regarding the start of the new school term, which is Tuesday 5th January 2021.


Will your child’s class be open on Tuesday or will they be taught remotely at home?

At this point, I don’t know.

The teaching unions are talking to the Government but are advising staff that the situation is not currently safe for school communities, for you, or for themselves.

I will inform you as early as I can tomorrow as to whether your child’s class will be open on site, or whether we will be teaching your child remotely.


Key Worker & Vulnerable Children


We will always be open for key worker children.

We will individually risk assess vulnerable children and will contact you directly if your child’s class does not remain open to discuss suitable provision.


FSM and Food Support

This will continue. If your circumstances have changed, if a family member has lost their job or you have a reduced income, contact us and we will arrange food parcels for you. All enquiries are dealt with confidentially and no details are shared without your permission.

Email: or phone 0116 2628778


Why is this happening? The Pandemic Situation

  • Infection rates are rising.
  • There is a new, more easily transmissible strain, which has been detected in the South of England.
  • Leicester is now in tier 4.
  • In London and some other tier 4 areas, primary schools have been advised by the Government to close for a further 2 weeks.
  • Leicester city schools have not been advised to close.
  • Teaching unions are asking for clarity and increased protections for school communities and staff, by asking for all tier 4 primary schools to close for a further 2 weeks, providing remote education instead.


What choices do you have as parents and how can you help?


I know that this may cause you some inconvenience as you try to plan. I will inform you as soon as possible tomorrow about whether your child’s class is open.

If your child’s class is open, please make sure you follow the usual safety guidance. We should never come on site if we have symptoms. If a member of our household develops symptoms we all need to isolate until the result comes through. If it is positive we all need to isolate for a minimum of 10 days. As a community, both as parents and staff, we are following these rules to keep all of us as safe as possible. Please continue to do this.

On site, please remember to keep your 2m distance from other adults, and be patient. We all have to queue, we all have to wait. Lastly we all need to keep wearing face shields/coverings whenever we are on site.

You can choose to keep your child at home for a further 2 weeks even if your child’s class is open but you must make sure your child is up every day, on time, for online lessons.


Whilst I know we will continue to support each other and do our best to keep your child’s education at the level it needs to be, I also know that times will continue to be challenging, particularly over the next 2 terms. On a positive note, before the holidays we knew of at least 2 members of our school community who had received their vaccination.


Change is coming, but we need to stay focussed for now, doing everything we can to stay safe.


Thank you for your continued support, the office will be open tomorrow, so please email or phone 0116 2628778 if you have any questions.


Ms Gita