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29.1.2021 Ms Gita Parent Letter

Dear Parents,

I am writing with some updates and our ‘Special Mentions’ for this week. Whilst I am sure the children all enjoyed having the snow around, I’ve heard lots of stories about building ‘snow people’, my apologies for any further disruption to those children coming into school.


Hopefully the sunshine and warmth over the last few days, mean all of us that drive cars, can look forward to a snow free February?!



We have been learning from home for 3 ½ weeks now, with 2 more weeks to go before half term, and a well-earned rest for all of us, from our screens. The Government announced that there will be no change until the 8th March at the earliest. This means that we will continue online learning for at least 2 weeks after the half term break.

I will keep you posted on any further changes, the Government will base their decision on local infection rates etc.

Please take the opportunity over half term to keep your children as active as possible so that their fitness levels do not drop too far. We know that good physical health is linked to positive mental health, so take a walk or play in the park every day (away from other households of course!) and maybe I’ll see you there.

Online Learning

We are developing a rhythm, but I also know it is challenging. Your children are amazing, and are learning all the online skills their secondary school brothers and sisters have. Many are beginning to take photos of work and send it in which is great.

The recommendation regarding screen time is that there should be a 10 minute break for every hour online, this will help the health of our eyes, keep us more active, and improve your children’s concentration. We have integrated this into our teaching online, so there will be some minor changes that you may notice.

For Nursery children at home, we appreciate that timing of lessons can be difficult for you so we will continue to work with you to find the best way forward. If you have any suggestions please let us know.

below is the attendance information for this week. 



Mon - Thurs 



Mon - Thurs 



4 Brazil 




4 Canada 


1 Holland 


4 Slovakia 


1 Japan 


5 France 


2 Pakistan 


5 Portugal 


2 Spain 


6 Italy 


3 Kenya 




3 Poland 





Book Swap

On Monday 1st February, anytime between 9am and 3.15pm, please visit to drop off your children’s work and collect a new book. Please keep all the other equipment we may have sent you.

If you are happy to send work via email / photo please continue to do so.

If you need anything else, more pencils, rulers etc. please ask when you come in.


Special Mentions Week Ending 29.1.2021

Please click here

And finally…….

Thank you so much to the parent who emailed this in, it appears we are all developing that ‘teacher’ sense of humour!

Their child was very pleased with their spellings, holding up their white board and smiling proudly. A beautiful photo.  It was the child’s first attempt at spelling the word ‘shirt’, unfortunately they had forgotten one letter……..


As always, phone us or email us if you need anything.

Stay safe,

Ms Gita