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21.1.2021 Ms Gita Parent letter

Dear Parents,

I am writing to stay in touch and let you know how well we are doing as a school community with home learning.


The Future?

The Government are hopeful that some schools in some regions will open after half term. An announcement will be made when they feel infection rates are lower and at least 2 weeks before any reopening. In the meantime, we will try our best to keep your child’s education moving forwards. Infection rates amongst primary school aged children has not changed so we think primary schools may reopen but of course we all have different points of view about that, and will need to wait and see.

We appreciate that different families have different challenges, and home learning in this way can be difficult. If there is anything we can do to help please let us know or message your class teacher.

Please also be aware that the rest of your child’s class can hear any conversations going on in the background when they are ‘unmuted’.


Parents Help with Marking

Teachers have told us that you are doing an incredible job of getting your children online, trying to keep them motivated and re-explaining if your child doesn’t understand. This is in the middle of technical and sound difficulties too. You are being incredibly patient, so thank you.

If you have any problems, email, phone or message so we know what’s happening, and if possible we will help or get messages to your child’s teacher.

If you collected books from school and will be returning them on Monday, it would help us to know whether your child worked by themselves or needed your help.

In your child’s work book, please could you mark your child’s work for any lessons with ‘H’ beside the work if you helped them. This tells the teacher that we may need to do more teaching because we want your child to do what we are asking by themselves. This is when we know children are becoming more secure in what we are teaching.


Monday SWAP Day

On Monday we are asking you to come to school to drop off your child’s work book only (please keep any other equipment we have given you), and collect a new book.

Some of you are able to email work to your teacher which is fine. If you are unable to do this please come on Monday to swap books.


Attending Online Lessons

 This week attendance across the school for the online lessons has improved. Half of our classes are on line at expected levels, and well done 3 Poland, 100%! That’s all children every day!

Group name


Mon - Thurs

Group name


Mon - Thurs



4 Brazil




4 Canada


1 Holland


4 Slovakia


1 Japan


5 France


2 Pakistan


5 Portugal


2 Spain


6 Italy


3 Kenya




3 Poland




We will keep watching to see how well the children are coping, but please email me with any feedback about what is working or not for you and your family. This will help us to make any adjustments that may be needed.

We have also been teaching children currently in Bulgaria and India! Just to say, if any of you are planning any long extended holidays in the future when life is closer to normal…….. we may be asking you to ensure your children still attend lessons!? In India, that means lessons would run from 2pm to 7pm.


And finally…….

One of our families couldn’t get their Nursery child online this week because when everyone else was online in the household (11 people) the system crashed!


Another family decided to watch a movie, and the songs became the backing track for a writing lesson. Mum was singing along and she had a lovely voice. Unfortunately the song wasn’t in English and didn’t relate to the lesson.


Have a safe, warm and relaxed screen free weekend,

Ms Gita