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16.10.2020 Ms Gita Letter

Dear Parents,

I hope you are all safe and well.

Today I would like to share with you some more events that will be coming up after half term as well as an update regarding safety at Shenton.



Last Friday we sent 4 Canada home to isolate, and they have been completing lessons on line this week and we will see the class back in school after half term.

We are currently waiting for 3 results to come back, which is likely to be an average number as we continue through this term.

I attended a city meeting about incidents across the city, and what is clear, is that because of the safety measures we have put in place there has been no transference of COVID between children or adults within a bubble.

Thank you to all of you, because together we are being careful, noticing symptoms early and then getting tests to stop any spread.

At school, children continue to wash their hands regularly, we ‘catch it, kill it, bin it’ if we need tissues and then wash our hands, we have limited sharing of equipment particularly for older children and ensure classrooms are ventilated. All of these measures are stopping any spread.

Please make sure your child is dressed for the weather. Classrooms need to be ventilated, so they must wear full school uniform now the weather is getting colder. This means a white shirt/T-shirt and a grey or maroon jumper/sweatshirt, black shoes and socks as well as a warm coat for when they go outside.



The news if full of people saying there should be another lockdown of 2-3 weeks, however the Government has not agreed to this yet.

Please be prepared just in case, if you could make sure you have pencils and paper for your child that will be really helpful.

If you have more than one child and not enough gadgets/laptops/tablets please make sure your eldest child is online for learning first, and just do your best.

Please see IT update below.



It has come to my attention that some parents are paying people to get school places. Don’t be fooled, all school places are free and there is nothing these people can do to change what school you get, whatever they say.

If you are new to the country or know a family that is new to the country, and need to apply for school places get in touch and we will help. Tel: 0116 2628778 or email



For you as parents, as well as us as staff, I know that we are missing contact with wider family and friends. It is so important that we maintain contact as our friends can provide that support that sometimes our immediate family can’t.

We are all unable to celebrate together, Eid has been different and so will Diwali. I hope you will have your virtual parties with extended family – if you need any help with how to do that please ask.

If you would like us to help you make contact with other parents, send us an email saying that you would like us to pass your phone number on, with the name of the parent and the name of their child. We will then pass these messages on for you as I know many of you haven’t seen each other as we cannot meet on site.



We are setting up all the gadgets to loan to you and your children at the moment, this will take another few weeks for all of them to be ready.

I have put the detail of the loan forms below (it’s 4 pages so lots of words), but are sending out a short letter today which you can return after the break if you would like to borrow a tablet or laptop.

There are lots of words in the agreement but the basics involve caring for the gadget.

  • Provide a strong, waterproof bag to carry it in.
  • Make sure the gadget is not defaced – leave all stickers etc.
  • Do not download additional software or alter the settings – it will be set to ensure internet safety for your children.
  • Keep the gadget away from extreme heat and water (do not use when eating/drinking etc.)
  • Be ready to send them back to school for any updates / checks that may need to be completed.
  • If the gadget is deliberately damaged due to lack of care or malicious behaviour e.g. a toddler pours water over it or a teenager changes all the settings and introduces a virus, then you may be charged for the repair or replacement.


All the gadgets will be fitted with Esafety filters, location software and cyber sentinel so that any misuse will be identified through technical reports coming into school.

We have over 200 gadgets to lend. We will prioritise children entitled to pupil premium funding, then families receiving universal credit, then those with more than one child in a family moving from older to younger children, Y6 to Y2 initially.

We will also have extra gadgets if a whole class including Y1 has to isolate in the future.

For EYFS, children will be able to access any online learning through SMART phones, which I know you all have.



I have asked you to do this before, but can you please make sure your child is not sending teachers or each other messages outside of school hours including not using the chat room function on MSTeams.

This is because teachers have to adhere to safeguarding rules around the use of technology and are also busy planning/teaching lessons every day.

If your child continues to ignore expectations their account will be disabled, meaning that they may not be able to access important learning including homework when they need it.

We will always contact you first if this has been the case so that you can monitor your child’s access better. To help, do not let your child use gadgets in their bedrooms, and keep checking what they are doing. Thank you.



Parents Evening via MSTeams - Tuesday 10th November (3.15-6.00pm) and Thursday 12th November (3.15-5.00pm)

You will receive emails after half term from teachers through your child’s email accounts with an exact time/date. We will let you know when this has been sent. Times will be limited to 10 minutes and you must be on time. Sessions will not be able to overrun, if you need longer we will arrange another time. Translators will be available for some languages which will support most of you.

Diwali Dress Up Day - Friday 13th November; wear your best party outfits (and the children)!



Now that we know what we can or can’t do within health & safety guidelines we will be ensuring we have competitions every half term to keep the children focussed and to reward them for their hard work. I will keep you up-to-date with this.

The first competition is a Maths one Please help your child have fun with the games so that they have remembered all the key facts that they may have forgotten over the break.


Lastly, a moment this week….

We regularly ask children if they are happy in school, what they think they are good at or maybe want to get better at.

Teacher: You’ve told me lots of things that you like about school, is there anything you don’t like?

Child: (Thinking….) Errrrr……………slime. Yuk!

At another point in the conversation:

Teacher: I know you are good at Maths, and you said you were too. Is there anything else you are good at?

Child: Walking on my knees! (Which was then demonstrated).


Have a safe and warm half term, we will see you again on Monday 26th October.

With regards,

Ms Gita



Student Laptop/Tablet Loan Agreement and Expectations for Responsible Laptop/Tablet Use 


Shenton Primary School is making laptop/tablets available to students. It is imperative that parents/guardians stress to their children how important it is to take good care of their issued device and to behave appropriately when interacting with others digitally. Certain rules are necessary to protect the laptop/tablet and ensure that this technology serves as an effective instructional tool. By accepting possession of a Shenton laptop/tablet both student and his/her parents/guardians agree to the following responsibilities for the use and care of this device:


  1. The student agrees to follow all Shenton policies and regulations governing the use of computers, including, the Acceptable Use Policy and Behaviour Policy.
  2. The laptop/tablet is the property of If a child withdraws from the school prior to the end of the loan period, the laptop/tablet must be returned to school.
  3. The student & family shall not remove or alter any Shenton identification labels attached to or displayed on the computer, nor shall the student change identification within the computer, such as the computer
  4. The student & family agrees to keep the computer secure and safe. The parent/guardian will assume the risk of loss by theft, destruction, or damage caused by intentional misuse. If, during the loan period, the computer is damaged or returned with any accessories missing, then Shenton reserves the right to charge the parent the lesser of the repair or the replacement
  5. The student & family must report theft (or suspected theft) of the computer, loss of the computer, damage to the computer, or malfunctioning of the computer to school personnel promptly and no later than 24 hours of the incident. Email:
  6. Upon request, the student & family will agree to deliver the computer to Shenton staff for technical inspection, to verify inventory or other information, or for random
  7. The laptop/tablet cannot be loaned, sold, bartered, traded, leased, rented or given to any other person or persons without the express written consent of Shenton Primary School.


I have read and agree to comply with these rules and all SHENTON policies and regulations for the use of equipment, including the Acceptable Use Policy, and the school’s Behaviour Management Policy. I understand that the laptop/tablet is the School’s property and it may access, monitor, and archive my use of the computer system, including my use of the internet, e-mail and downloaded material, without prior notice to me, and in line with the school GDPR policies for retention of data. I accept responsibility for damage to or loss of the equipment delineated below while assigned to me. I understand that if the computer or any accessory is lost, damaged or stolen, student and his/her parent/guardian could be responsible for the repair or replacement cost. I will report any damage to hardware or software immediately to designated school personnel and will return equipment promptly when requested.


SHENTON grants permission to the student to have limited use of the laptop/tablet described in this continuing agreement. The permission granted to the student & family will cease once full time schooling has resumed and failure to return the laptop/tablet and charger on or before that date to Shenton staff could result in billing for the unreturned item and/or other legal proceedings against the student and family who has the laptop/tablet. SHENTON reserves the right to demand return of the laptop/tablet at any time.


Staff Member







Student’s Full Name, Class and Address (please print):


Signature of Student


Signature of Parent or Guardian



Expectations for Responsible Laptop/tablet Use


    1. I understand that as SHENTON property, the laptop/tablet is subject to inspection and search at any time and without cause.

   2. I understand that I am not to remove or alter any part of the computer.   

  1. I understand that only authorised educational programs installed by SHENTON staff may be used on the laptop/tablet, and that I am not to download, install or play games, video, music or pictures unless they are directly related to classroom  
  2. I understand that I am accountable for knowing where my laptop/tablet is at all  
  3. I understand that I am responsible for the proper care of the laptop/tablet, that the laptop/tablet must be kept in a padded bag when not in use, and that damage to the laptop/tablet when it is not in the protective case may be considered intentional.  
  4. I understand that I am not to add or remove labels to the laptop/tablet, that I am not allowed to personalise it with stickers, decals, markers or any type of decorative materials, and that no paint, glue or other substance is to be placed on the laptop/tablet.  
  5. I understand I am responsible for keeping food and beverages away from my laptop/tablet and that I am not to leave my laptop/tablet outside, unattended in a vehicle, in an unsecure location, or near
  6. I understand that I am to avoid using objects that may scratch or damage any part of the
  7. I understand that I am to turn my laptop/tablet off when finished using
  8. I understand that I am not to loan my laptop/tablet or charger to other  
  9. I understand my laptop/tablet’s serial number and manufacturer/district labels are not to be  
  10. I understand I am not to delete any school-installed  
  11. I understand that I am only to use my laptop/tablet in ways that are educational and appropriate and in accordance with all policies and procedures, including the Acceptable Use Policy and the Student Code of
  12. I understand that I represent the school in all my online activities while using the laptop/tablet. I understand that what I do online on the SHENTON laptop/tablet should not reflect negatively on my fellow students, teachers, or Shenton Primary School.  
  13. I understand that I am to interact with all others in a respectful, courteous, and school-appropriate manner while using the laptop/tablet.  
  14. I understand that my personal username and password must not be shared with any  
  15. I understand that I am to follow the SHENTON Acceptable Use Policy at all
  16. I agree to return the laptop/tablet and power cord in good working order when requested or upon leaving SHENTON, or when my user privilege is
  17. I understand that I am to bring my laptop/tablet to school when requested fully

 The school will not share any personal data, our privacy notice can be found on the school website, or is available from the school office.

Acceptable User Policy - Primary Pupils and Parents


                  Shenton Primary School.


Date:                          October 2020


Our school promotes the use of technology in school as all pupils will need the skills and knowledge in whatever field of work they enter when they become an adult. We ensure that our school IT network is robust and resilient, and we do our utmost to ensure the safety of children when using it. It is important that pupils abide by the school rules when using technology in school and inform a member of staff immediately if they become aware of any misuse.


This is the Acceptable User Policy (AUP) for our school. It highlights the do’s/don’ts of using all technology in school and shows how we want pupils to behave when using IT. Any misuse will result in pupils being temporarily banned from using the school network.


Please read carefully and sign at the bottom to show you agree to these terms. If you do not sign and return this form you will not be able to use the IT systems in school.


For Pupils:


Using Technology and hardware in School


  • I will only use the school Internet and network for my school work or when a teacher has given
  • I will not try and bypass the schools VLE or Internet safety settings.
  • I will only use my school email address when using email for I will always log off my email account when finished. I will not use the chat rooms without teacher permission.
  • I will not look at, change or delete other people’s work or files.
  • I will be careful with keyboards, mice, headphones and all other equipment, and when turning a computer on or off.
  • I will be sensible when using mobile technologies and follow the rules about moving about the school when using them.
  • I will be responsible for all hardware that the school provides me.
  • I will be responsible for the full maintenance and upgrades for any hardware the school provides me.
  • I will use the hardware according to the instructions and guidelines given.


Security, Passwords & Copyright


  • I will not share my internet or network I will also create a password which uses capital and lower case letters, numbers and symbols.
  • I will be careful when opening emails from people I don’t know and I will ask an adult if I’m unsure whether to open it.
  • I won’t upload or download any pictures, writing or movies which might upset people or make other people think the school is a bad
  • I will use non-copyrighted images and music from the Internet when creating documents, presentations or other media.
  • I won’t try to install software onto the school device or network because it might have a virus on and cause a lot of Instead, I will ask a teacher for advice.



Online Behaviour & Safety


  • I won’t give out my personal details, such as my name, address, school or phone number on the
  • I will make sure all my contact are with other people at I will not cyber bully pupils, teachers or others.
  • I will not look for or look at unpleasant or inappropriate web sites or software apps. I will check with a teacher if I think it might be
  • I know that everything I do on the gadgets is recorded, that cyber security will capture and report any misue and that the school can talk to my parents if a teacher is worried about my online safety.
  • I will try to follow these rules all the time because I know they are designed to keep me


For Parents:


  • I agree to support and uphold the principles of this policy in relation to my child and their use of technology and the Internet, at home and at school.
  • I agree to uphold the principles of this policy in relation to my own use of the Internet, when that use is related to the school, employees of the school and other students at the school.
  • Images of pupils will only be taken, stored and used for school purposes in line with school policy. Images will only be used on the Internet, in the press, or in media, with permission.
  • I agree to be fully responsible for the hardware maintenance and upgrades.
  • I agree to use the hardware according to the guidance given in the loan agreement..
  • I agree to keep the hardware safe and not use it for any other purpose besides as directed by the school.





Signed - Pupil:                                       ________________________________________________________________________





Pupil name:                                           ________________________________________________________________________





Signed - Parent/Guardian:               ________________________________________________________________________