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12.11.2020 Parent letter

Parents Evening tonight, dress up day tomorrow.


Dear Parents,


I am writing with a quick update and to make sure we are ready for our dress up day tomorrow!

This weekend, many of our school community will be celebrating Diwali and welcoming in the Hindu New Year. I wish all of you celebrating, a happy and prosperous new year.

We all know what if feels like, celebrating under current restrictions, and hope that you are all able to speak to your family and friends via video calls etc.


COVID-19 Update

Last week all classes were in school, as they have been this week. We are not waiting for any children’s test results at this time and hope that this stability continues.

We have more children and staff isolating as a result of track & trace, or because a household member has tested positive. We are using IT to help children ‘log in’ to school lessons from home. Remember if your child is isolating and well, they need to be up, dressed and fed, and sat at their computer/tablet/laptop at home, for 9am each school day morning.


Staying Safe

Thank you for making sure you isolate if required and for making sure your child is well before sending them to school.

Thank you for also distancing as you come on site, and remembering your face masks.


We all know we need to continue to stay safe, even with news of a possible vaccine.

Many believe it will still be late Spring or Summer before any decisions about returning to old ways. This is because, firstly, further trials of the vaccine still need to be completed. If that is successful, it will then take time to produce and distribute across the country. Finally, our NHS staff will need the time to administer it to those of us that need it.

My view is we will need to carry on the way we are, for a long time to come.


IT & Gadgets

We have now phoned all of you offering tablets or laptops for your children. If any of you would like a gadget and do not have one, please email us and we will get in touch with you.

They are for your children and have safety protocols on them. Please remember we can see what sites your child is using, and anything not suitable for primary aged children will come up in our cyber sentinel reports.


Friday Dress Up Day

Tomorrow children can wear spotty clothes and/or party clothes, please send your child with £1 if you can spare it, all donations will go to Children in Need.

Children in Need supports children in the UK, and have given grants locally e.g. Local play groups. Their aim is to try and make sure every child in the UK, is safe, secure and happy.


This link will help you to see how they have helped children in Leicester and across the country:


And finally…

Parents Evening Tuesday Online – Early years (Reception & Nursery) reported approximately 55% of parents being ready on MSTeams, for Years 1 & 2 approximately 70% and for Y3,4,5 & 6 many more of you, 85%+ attended. That’s great news, and I hope we have even better responses this afternoon for the second half of parents evening. Teachers liked this new way of doing things, what about you? Please let me know whether you prefer this method –


When it comes to children though, anything can happen!


MSTeams call for parents evening – the child answers.

Child: Hello Mx Xxxx.

Teacher: Oh hello, how are you? Can I speak to your Mum please?

Child: She says she doesn’t want to talk to you. (Child then hangs up).


Remember we are here if you need anything, just ask.

Stay safe,

Ms Gita