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Investors in People

This report is important to the school because it helps us establish how well we are working as a team. It also details how well all school employees are supported including teachers, teaching assistants, office staff, site staff and dinner staff in meeting the changes outlined by new Government standards and expectations. Whilst we are proud that the report acknowledges how well we are doing and have improved, we know that we will always continue to make changes that will benefit the children and community at Shenton Primary.

The report states:

'Strong evidence was provided to demonstrate the school does have a loyal, skilled, professional, competent and hard working group of staff who are committed to the success of each pupil.'


'People do believe the Shenton Primary School is a great place to work as a result of ongoing improvements made to the way they are managed and developed.'


'School Governors are now very much involved in the development of the strategy and SIP.'