Shenton Primary School

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5.6.2020 Parent letter

Dear Parents,


I hope you are all well and safe.

We have made many phone calls to you! We have managed to speak to nearly all of our Y6 parents, and have started phoning our Y1 parents.


We are asking you about how you have been, whether you want to send your children and about how you are doing with home learning. We hope to phone all of you over the next week or so. Remember the choice is yours, if you are shielding someone at home it has been advised that your child does not attend at this time.


In this letter, I will outline some of the measures we are taking to protect you as you come onto the school site, and how we will protect your children as well as how we are continuing to support your child’s learning.


New Health & Safety Measures

To ensure 2m distancing, we have introduced the following measures:

  • Entry via Dunlin Road school gate only.
  • One way systems to collect children and leave the site
  • Classrooms have been set to provide 2m spaces for all children.
  • Resources have been organised so your child, as far as possible, will have their own equipment
  • Children will be grouped into ‘bubbles’ and these ‘bubbles’ will be kept separate from all other children / adults on site at all times
  • Children / staff will be washing their hands regularly and the site will be cleaned much more regularly.
  • The school office will be open for any enquiries.
  • Any meetings with staff will be through prior arrangement, so please phone to make an appointment for any urgent matters. We will either phone you back or arrange face-to-face meeting where we can insure 2m distancing.


Homework Packs

New homework packs for children in Year 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 will be available for collection from next week – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday between 9.00am and 12.30pm.

Come any time to collect your children’s packs.


Back to School?


Out of 84 Year 6 parents that we spoke to this week, 22 have said they will send their child to school on Monday. We will be here to welcome them back, including their teachers, Ms Patel, Mr Makda and Mrs Cosgrove.

These children will be taught in 3 separate ‘bubbles’, and will not have contact with any other ‘bubbles’ of children in school. They will however be able to complete lessons, enjoy daily PE / sports activities and we can support your child with those lessons that will prepare them for secondary school.


Talking about COVID-19

Some of your children will want to talk about COVID-19 whilst others will not. Some children we already know, from phone calls, are quite scared.

All of our staff have been or are in the process of being specially trained, to be able to talk to your children. We will not force them to talk in anyway, we will provide any information e.g. what the symptoms are, and we will reassure them.

We will aim to provide you with some resources that you may find helpful too, if you want to talk to your children about the pandemic and their fears.


As always we are here to help if you need us.


Stay safe, stay happy.

Ms Gita