Shenton Primary School

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Dear Parents,


The government announced last night that all schools will close.

Due to staffing shortages our Nursery will close today, and then we will close all other classes at 3pm on Friday.

The school will reopen on Monday for children of key workers, when we have more information about this we will let you know.

Please let us know if you work in the NHS including hospitals, doctor surgeries, dentists and other health care services. If you work as part of other emergency services for example the fire brigade and police. We also want to know if you work for any other essential services which includes working in supermarkets and other food shops, or delivery services.

If you work in any of these areas, and if you would need child care support if the school closed because otherwise you would not be able to work, we would like to know.

Please email us or phone us 0116 2628778 or come to the school office telling us:

Your name and all your children's names plus classes.

What your job is.

Your employers name/address/contact details.

Whether you have anyone at home to look after your children if the school closed.


We will send homework packs for every child from Reception to Year 6 for the period between now and Easter.


For children that are self isolating we have produced a homework pack. Please send a friend or neighbour that is not self-isolating to collect it for you.

These will be available to collect from the main hall on Friday between 9.30 am and 11 am, and 1.20pm and 2.45pm.


We will continue to communicate with you.


Stay safe,


Ms Gita