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12.6.2020 Parent Letter

Dear Parents,


I hope you are all well and safe.


I will be providing you with a summary of how our Y6 children have settled, and information about how we will be developing online learning, and some support for you if you want to talk to your children about COVID-19 including how to help them with any questions or fears they may have.


Whilst most families have decided not to send children back to school, I must emphasise that your children should be doing their homework!! We are keeping records over the next few weeks and when we do see the children we will have prizes and awards for those that have done their best. In the meantime teachers are attempting to make ‘visual’ contact with groups of children. You will need a laptop or tablet with a camera that has access to ‘google’ and then we will send you instructions as different teachers develop their skills.


The teachers will be posting lists of children who have handed in homework or completed online learning, so make sure your child’s name is there by making sure they do their homework.


For online learning, consider that younger children need a tablet, and children in Y4, Y5, Y6 should have access to a laptop. By the Autumn term, if we cannot return for all children every day, making sure your child has these resources is extremely important, so now that the shops are open please make sure your child has what they need, and we will do what we can to help them.

The Future

At the moment whilst the Government have said that primary schools will not open to all children before the summer break, we are unsure what will happen in the Autumn for the new academic year.

As soon as I know, I will let you know.

We are planning for 2 different possibilities, one is for opening to groups of 15 children, the other for a return to normal with all classes opening to all children.

In the meantime we will also be planning how we can prepare your children for school in September, making sure they ‘meet’ their new teacher. I am sure we will come up with something creative and safe.


We will have phoned all families by the end of this week, with a very few number of families who we are still trying to contact as we haven’t been able to get through.

Ms Gohil has also rung our families with children classified as vulnerable this week, as she has done every two weeks since lock down began.

We know that out of the 340 families we have contacted, 4% have had a positive COVID-19 test within the family since lockdown, and thank fully you have all recovered well. We know of only one bereavement within our children’s homes, and of course, I know all of our thoughts and prayers are with that family. More of you have suffered loss through extended family members, and again our thoughts and prayers are with you.

For us, this gives us an idea of how different children might be coping. Some of you have said that your children are wanting to come back to school and miss their friends, other children are however nervous, and a few children are anxious about leaving the house at all. Whatever your child has experienced so far, you are in the best position to judge if they need help. At the end of this letter I have put some information that may help you work out what to say if your child asks questions, and there is also a link to a story for your older children as that might be helpful too.


We welcomed our first Y6 children back this week. They are now in 2 groups with Mr Makda and Ms Patel, as we had low numbers and we are teaching our 12 children in 2 groups of 6.

It has taken a little time, as I think some children thought they would see all of their class mates, and others have found ‘social distancing’ at school strange. As I write this, the groups seem much more settled and we are rebuilding those relationships, so your children can continue to learn over the next few weeks.

Reception / Year 1

We are expecting 7 children from Reception and Year 1 to start on Monday. We will be teaching all of the children in 1 group, and Ms Mistry will be teaching them. Teachers from Reception will also be there to settle the children.

We are very much looking forward to seeing the children.

What if I want to send my child to school……

If you would like to send your child to school, but have said ‘no’, you must contact us first. You can phone, come in to the office or email.

It may take up to 1 week, but we will then notify you when we have arranged for your child to be taught. We need to ensure the teaching space is ready, that your child has all the resources they need and that your child will feel happy & safe as they return.

Thank you for your help with this.

Home Learning

This week you have been collecting homework packs and we have had quite a few returned so well done to you if you did that.

Whether your child has completed it or not, please come and collect it. There are a lot left, so please come in as your children need to be doing something. If your child loses 6 months of learning (which it is likely to be by the beginning of September), they will forget a lot and it will be harder for them when school starts, so please, please make sure you collect your child’s pack and do as much as you can.

Don’t forget, your child should be reading every day too……………….


And finally……..

As always we are here to help so please contact us if you need anything. The school office will be open all day over the next 4 weeks, 8.30am - 3pm.


Keep Safe,

Ms Gita