Shenton Primary School

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Nursery and Reception Home Learning


We aim to provide your child with an online education if any of the following occurs - 

  • Your child’s class bubble has to isolate
  • Your child is isolating as a household member is displaying symptoms or has tested positive
  • Your child is shielding due to medical reasons

This will ensure no children fall behind. The focus for the learning will be on Maths and Reading. The children in Reception all have an email and MS Team account and have been taught in school how to access this. They may still need some help from an adult to log them into their lessons each day.  We will provide instructions on how to do this for you.  As your child is in Nursery or Reception we will be planning short activities of up to fifteen minutes for them and will often provide them with follow up activities after our teaching sessions. We will also be setting activities for your child to complete on Education City so please ensure you can log on with your child's username and password.  


In order for online learning to be successful, teachers and families have to work in partnership and therefore it is important to recognise the responsibilities and expectations.

Shenton Primary School will:

  • Provide high quality lessons via MS Teams
  • Take the attendance register for each lesson
  • Respond to any queries you may have or give any support needed in a timely manner. 

Parents/Carers will:

  • Ensure children attend the online lessons every day - please let us know if your child is ill and cannot attend via e-mail or telephone the school office. 
  • Ensure children have access to a fully charged laptop or tablet with internet access
  • Seek help from the school if issues arise and support is needed


  • Work in a quiet room away from distractions
  • Sit upright on a chair and have the laptop or tablet on a table
  • Dress appropriately
  • Have the camera on so the teacher can see you


If you have any queries please ring the school office or email Mrs Bailey on